Dude, seriously, I gotta STOP. (A vintage reveal, plus an extra non-Chanel reveal!)

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  1. After yet another instance of saying that I wouldn't buy any more bags for the year (at least until after I've saved enough for my wedding next February), I found myself unable to resist another Chanel...

    I had never considered the Diana before, but after seeing all of the reveal threads in the last few weeks, I couldn't get the bag out of my mind. I usually stick with caviar, but I think I was less concerned with buying a vintage lambskin bag, since it already has some scratches and flaws. If I end up scratching it up a little bit more, then no big deal! :biggrin:

    So here's my (new to me) vintage Diana!!! She's in really great condition.

    As a little reveal bonus, here's my (new to me) navy Hermes Constance circa 1973!! I bought this little treasure last September for close to 50% off the current retail price (!!), but felt that the strap was an awkward length. I ended up taking it into the Hermes store and they sent the bag to Paris to get a new strap put on (it's the longest one available for the Constance, at 110 cm). The process took awhile, but I finally got her back a month or so ago and I love it. I'm so glad I spent the few hundred extra dollars for the strap - I'll get so much more use out of the bag!

    Thanks for letting me share!!!

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  2. Congrats they are both beautiful!
  3. So gorgeous both of them!!
  4. Wow! Beautiful pieces!
  5. Wow both look to be in excellent condition!! Beautiful
  6. Your Diana looks so great. I have my heart on getting one but i couldn't get any that is in good condition

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  7. Your Diana is an absolute beauty! Totally worth the splurge ;)
  8. Beautiful!! Congrats!!
  9. Beautiful bags, especially love your Constance!
  10. How is this bag fitting you crossobdy?

    congrats! :P
  11. So gorgeous, and puffy, and the hardware looks amazing. Congrats on your awesome find.
    Where did you find this beauty?
    I'm looking for a beige caviar in this size
  12. LOL!!! Story of my life!! That being said, your Diana and constance are stunning!!!!! Great finds!!
  13. Both are gorgeous bags!
  14. Stunning!!!! I have always wanted the Diana bag..
  15. Score. Great job. Both bags are super beautiful.
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