Dude...Marc Jacobs Luggage is kinda hot!

  1. http://www.bluebee.com/product_display.aspx?l=00120119003000000000&p=MJH01446&pn=1&st=254

    Check it out!

    Hmmm, let me see, 3 months of rent for my apartment, or Marc Jacobs Trolley? Hmmmm :graucho:
  2. Oh Wow! I didn't know Marc had branched out into luggage as well. It's nice!
  3. Pic of Marc Jacobs Trolley Luggage
  4. very nice, but do you really want to use it on a plane?
  5. nice luggage; i'd just be afraid to ever use it! ive seen the way luggage is treated at the airport. speaking of airport, im going to florida tomorrow so ill see you ladies next week :smile: :smile: :smile:
  6. I agree, it is such beautiful luggage but it would break my heart to have it thrown around on a plane!
  7. Someone on style diary has it and it looks so cute with her stam!! I'd never be able to stomach having it thrown around on a plane but if some folks have the loot to not care, then I promise to gawk with envy, should we ever be on the same flight! haha

  8. ^^ very cute. i dont travel enough. i am the WORST flyer!
  9. omg i LOVE IT!!! it's so gorgeous!
    but i too would be afraid to use it... ):
    unless...i bought a private jet of course.. hehehe
  10. Love it, but would never buy it. I have had many suitcases ruined at the airport.
  11. I saw that at Neiman's. If I were to take that to the airport, I'd have that wrapped up in clear plastic. LOL.
  12. It looks fab with the Stam on top, but like most of you, I could never load it up to be put on the carosel and thrown around by baggage handlers. I've seen those guys stand on cases, leave them in the rain, throw them on trucks etc. Is luggage for first class passengers treated any differently? If so, I will buy one when I can afford to travel that way!
  13. Unless you've got your own private jet, your luggage is going to get tossed around. Baggage handlers don't care how expensive the suitcase it. It's just another piece to toss onto the pile so they can move on to the luggage for the next plane.
  14. It looks nice but it doesn't hold a candle to Chanel luggage.
  15. I saw huge Stam's for travel in a magazine a few months back, and they were insanely beautiful.

    A deep metallic green.

    I'd sell my kidney for one.