Duck gets beheaded by drunk.

  1. WTF????????
    people are so crazy!!!!
    god this gets me mad!!!! how horrible!!!!!!:cursing::sick::crybaby:
  2. :cursing: What is wrong with people?!? Hearing stuff like that makes me so mad! :mad:
  3. I just read about this horrific cruel incident in another post..What a SICK EVIL PIECE OF SH*T! I hope the same happens to him! Poor helpless ducky!:sad:
  4. poor ducky...didnt anyone try to stop him at least? if i were there i definitely beat him up with my heels.
  5. What a horrible piece of trash. I hope he spends the next 2 years in jail with a very large cellmate that loves animals. :mad::boxing::noggin::cursing:
  6. ^ITA!! AND that he drops the soap...OFTEN!!!
  7. seriously he must be insane, psychologically unstable ro something. NObody in their right mind would ever think of doing that to a poor innocent animal, drunk or not!