Duck Dynasty on A&E

  1. This show is hilarious. It is about a Louisiana bayou family of self made millionaires who struck it rich with handmade duck calls.

    They definitely are a backwater bunch who frog hunt so they can fry them up with a little garlic and butter, and duck hunting is their favourite pastime. They also dine on squirrels. The are pretty clever and witty and have a lot of good one-liners.

    I only came across this show by accident but it certainly has made me laugh (and cringe!). Eighth grade career day just happened and they took a duck to school to show the class how to dress it. Blood was spurting out all over the place.
  2. I don't find a show about a bunch of rednecks killing innocent animals hilarious.
  3. Lol. This show is pure insane comedy. It's just comedy. Love it.
  4. i loved this show! i think i missed most of the first one, only caught the football game part. but the 2nd one i was cracking up during the entire thing.

    the grandpa giving his grandson girl advice. :roflmfao:
  5. It's on my DVR, I think. Is it up there with Bayou Billionaires?
  6. While I don't hunt, people fail to understand that hunting is necessary to keep populations of certain animals under control

    If you watch the show, they make a point to ention how beavers are messing up the ecosystem.

    I don't enjoy killing animals, but I also understand that animal control is more important.

    As for the show, I agree. They might be rednecks, but you can tell that they know a thing or two.
  7. Sorry, don't agree, hunting does not control animal overpopulation.
    Starvation and disease can be cruel, but that is nature's way of ensuring that the strong survive. Natural predators help keep prey species strong by killing the only ones they can catch—usually the sick and weak. Hunters, however, kill any animal they come across or any animal whose head they think would look good mounted above the fireplace—often the large, healthy animals needed to keep the population strong. And hunting creates the ideal conditions for overpopulation. These people aren't hunting to survive, they enjoy killing and that is sick!
  8. some people just prefer to 'live off the land'. people lately are all about being organic and what not buying things that are processed. these people are just doing all the work themselves.

    i think one of the brother's says in a preview that the grocery store actually scares him.
    the grandpa said he shows all his grandsons how to 'live off the land'.

    they aren't being wasteful with what they hunt. except maybe the beavers. although i'm not sure i'd put it past them to try to get use out of those either.
  9. Hunting is the absolute most organic way to put meat on the table. If you live in a rural area, you are aware what kind of problems overpopulation causes.

    I agree, the grocery store is kind of a scary place. Especially after watching Food, Inc.
  10. The only hunting I've seen them do so far is for food, they aren't hunting animals for trophies... They eat the duck, catfish & frogs they kill..the older brother says he doesn't trust meat from the grocery store, he'd rather kill his own
  11. I love this show, they don't seem backward at all - except maybe Uncle Si

    Does anyone get the feeling maybe Phil's business made good money while the boys were growing up, maybe not like it does now but they seem well spoken like they went to good schools. Someone paid for Willie's university degree & they have nice teeth - like they had braces growing up.

    I get the feeling they had a comfortable upbringing
  12. i was pretty impressed that they actually make all the duckcalls.
    that's a whole lotta duck calls to make with just a few people lol

    made me laugh when the one brother was talking about the brother in charge about how he's now into wearing suits but if you walked by him on the street you'd just think he was looking for some spare change lol

    i dunno how those wives deal with the beards.... their wives are very pretty. wonder how they met them???

  13. nevermind
  14. You might want to read up some more. Cities/counties specifically encourage hunting due to overpopulation of some animals. It's a very real thing.

    This is a thread about the show. If you'd like to debate hunting, start another thread. :smile:
  15. This.