Duchessa Shinny Fabric

  1. I just got the bag below. I am unsure about the shinny fabric. Opinions?

  2. Ooh congrats! I don't have one with this fabric so I can't say, but I've heard good things about it. From all the pics I've seen I know I like it and am definately considering (once I go check it out at a store for myself!). I'd love to see pics of your bag and hopefully modeling pics if you can!:yes: Oh yeah, and welcome to the forum!
  3. i still haven't seen that fabric in person, but so far it looks lovely. congrats!
  4. I have alot from this collection:




    Needless to say, I cannot get enough of this material. Its lightweight, carefree and durable. I highly recommend it! If the tote was E/W and not N/S I would have bought that too!!!
  5. WOW Selena luv ur collection.
  6. I have the same shoes and Duchessa as Selena. I LOVE IT. Its light, easy to care for and so pretty. LOVE IT. You chose a great bag! Enjoy!
  7. I like the shiny fabric! It give it a nice sheen! Congrats on your bag!
  8. OMG I just noticed the cat behind the shoe in the first pic...LOL!! I love his/her expression.....:roflmfao::heart: Maybe not EVERYONE loves the fabric.......

  9. Omg! LOL

    I didnt even notice the cat....all I saw was the shoe.

    I with kneehigh. I havent see them IRL, but I like what Ive seen so far. I like Selena's bag, the shape. If it'd been the regular jacquard, I wouldnt look twice at it. So Im like this new spin they've put on an old classic. :tup:
  10. Hee hee thats my Sphynx Cat Louis V. Ton! She is partial to LV not gucci! LOL

    On another note I wore the duchessa boston and so many people complimented me on. Some thought it was vintage!
  11. I love this Fabric.