Dublin v. Zurich in August

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  1. I have the opportunity to go to Dublin or Zurich in August because of my boyfriend's job.

    I was wondering if anyone could weigh pros and cons for me? This may sound ridiculous but are there any beaches that are close to Dublin?

    Is Zurich completely unpleasant in August?

    I love museums, European markets and walking around. Not sure what Ireland has to offer me, but I'm completely open to either of these great options! :idea:
  2. I've never been to Zurich but have been to Dublin. I loved Ireland but I'm a huge fan of all things Irish. Both cities will be expensive to visit.

    How long's your visit? You can see a lot of Ireland if you have say a week.
  3. We'll be going from a Tuesday through Friday or Saturday to either place.
    His work will pay for hotels so I'm ready to spend a little freely on food/sightseeing.

    I'm excited either way this goes!
  4. My vote goes to Dublin - I love the place, and it comes with some lovely beaches. O.k., Zurich has the lake, but it can be a bit hot in August.
  5. If you had to choose between the two, I’d go to Dublin. Dublin is more exciting than Zurich. There’s much more to see in Dublin, it’s so beautiful and full of history. Zurich is a lovely city as well, but it’s less interesting.

    And I’m glad to hear that your boyfriend’s work will be paying for hotels – Dublin (believe it or not) is Europe’s second most expensive city next to London.
  6. I've never been to Dublin so I can't comment on that but here are a few pros and cons on Zurich:

    - Beautiful city
    - Very clean
    - Wonderful lake with a view of the Swiss Alps on a clear day
    - Lots of shopping
    - Lots of cafes and great restaurants
    - One of the cities with the highest standard of living
    - August is not really hot ... it depends on the year
    - Several museums and parks to vist
    - Close to the Swiss Alps and you can make day trips to other cities such as Luzern

    - Expensive
    - Expensive
    - Expensive
  7. This is another positive for Zurich!

    We had a gorgeous sunny spring day so we decided to stretch our legs and hike here in Zurich - this is the view we got!

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  8. I can't say about Zurich ( I am sure its stunning though) But I'm from Dublin and I have to say it's a great city to see...It is exspensive but it has so many things to see and do....And we have great food too...!
  9. I haven't been to Zurich, but I have been to Dublin & I loved it so much I'm going back again this year. Dublin is a great city-very clean, the people that I met were very friendly. The city is easy to walk around, and Temple Bar has tons of cute little cafes and pubs. The museums were great, and Trinity College is a must see.

    There are a few beaches. The last time I stayed there, we were in Portsmarnock, and the beach there is very pretty. Loads of people strolling around.

    I was there at the end of August/beginning on September and the weather was lovely.

    When in August are you going to be there? That's when I'll be there for a few days.

    It is expensive, but with the US dollar being as weak as it is now, I don't think the difference between Zurich & Dublin is going to be huge in terms of cost.