Dublin Mulberry fans - Sale!!

  1. I was in House of Fraser in Dundrum yesterday and they had Mulberry bags on sale - half price! There was not many to chose from but they had 3 beautiful Bayswater, Woven Brown - alovely rich oak / brown with other shades on the woven parts, for €396. I almost bought it but came to my senses as I have just bought a Chalk Emmy and have another brown bag. It's a black one that I need! These were beautiful bags though with lovely glossy browns and amazing Leather.

    Have a look!!! :yahoo:
  2. I'm in London so can't check this out but just wanted to say that I was on holiday in Dublin earlier this year and spent a few hours in Dundrum mall and really liked it. Great selection of shops :tup:

    Well done on your restraint!
  3. I know, I think I am regretting it now though! Only that I have a holiday coming up......! Dundrum is great and a long awaited for addition to the DUblin shopping scene, but I have to say I would chose London shopping anyday!!
  4. Ooooooooo tempting!!