Dublin, Brown Thomas + Louboutin Shoes

  1. Anyone here from Dublin?? I ask because I am over at the end of the month. I want to buy either a nude pair of CL or a tan pair. A friend said recently there wasnt much at the store. Has new stock been delivered?? I wanted the shoes for a wedding in Poland this Autumn.

    Not sure whether to order form Net a Porter or wait til i go to Dublin. Thank you :smile:
  2. Perhaps email the boutique and inquire what they have in stock for nude/tan shoes?

    Good luck! :flowers:
  3. I love that boutique. Georgia is the best. I've already bought 3 shoes from them.

  4. ITA Georgia is amazing!!!:smile: Buying from Brown Thomas was so easy and stress-free!
  5. ^^^I also agree that Georgia is the best. The email response there is so quick and courteous. I really enjoy them.
  6. They are all lovely in there! I've dealt with quite a few of the SAs in there and they've all been super helpful and nice. Just email them or phone them.

    The number for Brown Thomas is +353 1 605 6666
  7. Another Georgia fan here. :love:
  8. Thank you for the phone number + recommendation :smile: Has anyone got the email address please?? Seeing as I work 9-6, its easier to email than to phone. Will put the number in my mobile though incase I need to speak to them in Dublin. Thank you guys :smile:
  9. Here you go.


    Good luck! :smile:
  10. Sorry the number for the CL boutique is:

    +353 1 679 9972

    I gave you the phone number for Brown Thomas before but the number above is direct line for the CL boutique in Brown Thomas :smile:

    The CL staff in Brown Thomas are wonderful, I highly recommend shopping there!
  11. When was your friend there? There is a stand alone boutique now rather than just the section under the Kurt Geiger franchise.

    Georgia is indeed lovely and the range of styles is quite extensive but stock goes quickly so I agree that it's best to get in touch beforehand.:smile:

    I recommend the cognac VPs!
  12. I think she was there before when it was with the KG franchise. I will get in touch before-hand but am not sure about my size. Am a size 4.5 normally. I got a pair of CL ankle boots with a pointed toe and had to go up to a size 6. (all UK sizes). Anyone help me re sizes please?? Thank you.
  13. Have emailed the CL store in Brown Thomas more than a few times over the last few weeks, but no-one has gotten back to me. Will just take my chances in Dublin or online. Thank you guys for your help.
  14. hiya

    just checking in to see did you have any luck with Brown Thomas Dublin
  15. I managed to buy my shoes in Dublin at the CL store :smile: They just got a delivery in, so I was very lucky. There should be a thread showing the shoes in this forum somewhere :smile: