1. Someone in the US has just done buy it now on apair of Uggs I am selling - just have a bad feeling as the buyer has not had any feedback since 2002!

    Whats the betting its a hacked account (although not heard from eBay) or some child using a parents one? I am not hopeful of getting paid thats for sure!
  2. You could always require immediate payment with BIN, that way it don't happen.

    You never know since Christmas is coming up.....
  3. Maybe the person just isn't a prolific eBay shopper. I have only bought on eBay once and it was a few years ago, so I only have the one feedback from that transaction. I would hope that a seller wouldn't question my purchase based on that alone.
  4. Yes thats true - well lets wait and see.
  5. Well good luck to you....I know it is a painful wait!
  6. Hmmmm...just checked on what the buyer had bid on. They have won over 30 auctions for Uggs in a space of just over an hour on Friday. I really don't think im going to get paid somehow!
  7. ^^ Oh dear.
  8. How odd. :confused1:
  9. If it hadn't been for the 30 other pairs, I would have thought it was legitimate. I have sold to people that haven't purchased in awhile. I would be prepared to have to relist.
  10. Unfortunately l have had several listings taken down in the same way - it looks as though your buyers account has been hacked into. I have in the past emailed eBay through the fraudulent activity route to try to get my fees back - l have had this work several times before.
  11. Yes i think it must be a hacked account - I normally get notified by ebay quite quickly tho. Will email them now. What a pain!
  12. Hmmm not sure now - the person has received feedback for a pair of boots they bought the same time as mine....
  13. Any further update honey?

    Weird one for sure, really hope you get paid :smile:
  14. How weird....keep us updated!!!
  15. I just don't get why people do that! What a bummer.....let us know what happened.