Duabi shopping festival anyone?!Curious if Bal is on sale too..

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    SO after some hard work the last couple of month I'm going to Dubai (It's a treat from my parents especially my dad who is very proud of my shool work and music work etc..)
    I'm very thrilled as I heard everything will be on sale...or at least a lot of the older stuff and so on..
    Has anyone been there?!
    Will Balenciaga be on sale too?! I could imagine that maybe stores who only carry a few balenciagas could put them on sale(happened once at Ounass AbuDhabi to me...)
    Would be soooo cool if there was sale at the Bal storre itsself...but I guess it ain't happening:p
    Any Info appreciated...:heart::heart::heart:
  2. Check out Harvey Nichols in Mall of the Emirates. :smile:
  3. yaayyyy i will..im really excited..thankx diva :smile:
  4. yeah, some of the old items are on sale.. but honestly, there isn't much left at all.. stuff gets sold out without there even being a sale.. so you can imagine..
  5. Never been there so don't know anything about it but enjoy your break, I would so love to go!
  6. i think some bal stuff is on sale. never been there personally but my friend saw my plomb gst pt and said his mom bought the same bag on sale when they were in dubai over new year's!
  7. oooh im excited.. I hope to find some sort of balenciaga deal :smile:
    maybe im lucky?! i dunno..im still o excited to go..the weather here in vienna at this time of the year is inda depressing ..:heart:
  8. the weather here is anything but depressing!
  9. u mean in vienna?! or in dubai..
    because in vienna most of the time it is..and this half sunny cloudy afternoon doesnt count as non depressing for me..
  10. hi everyone...im dubai now and checked out harvey nic's yesterday...
    there is bal on sale but the only motorcycle is the white suede with grey leather and gunm etal hardware city and money wallet...its 40% off though!
    so if anyone from dubai is shopping around the next days watch out for a blonde with a vif city or a black work :smile: that would be me...haha
  11. Heeeey,, I've been to Harvey Nic's yesterday night :biggrin: I fell in love with a blue/orange purse :love:
    Did you see that crocodile weekender/motorcycle {not sure of the size but it was LARGE} ?? haha..

    You can also check out the Balenciaga retail store in Emirates Towers Boulevard.. have you been there???

    Ooooh , Abu Dhabi is in sales right now... Thank god for Dubai Shopping Festival,, everything goes on sale :biggrin:
  12. oooh u were there?! i saw that the suede two colour bag is gone now so i thought maybe someone grabbed it from tpf!
    i was at emirates towers and fell in love with a violet weekender...i wanna buy it!! now!!!
    not sure though...
    does ounass still carry balenciaga?! i havent seen any but last time in abu dhabi they had loads of them?!
  13. that violet WE is so gorgeous! i couldn't take my mind out of it for weeks :p
    hope you're enjoying Dubai .. moto bags used to go on sale here in Dubai but sadly not anymore cos they're getting really popular .. they're so popular now that there are price increases every season! but i still love buying from emirates towers the SAs there are super nice! i totally forgot about ounass carrying bbags in AD .. i must give them a call to check!

    have fun Oulaliscious and enjoy your stay! hopefully i'll get to spot you! :biggrin:
  14. how were their prices and selection?
    were there any WE's?