D'Trick handbag or clutch???? i cant decide!!!

  1. hey everyone! i really want a D'trick bag they are TDF! i just dont know whether to get the clutch with pearls or handbag!?!?! the handbag would be more practical and i could use it in the day but the clutch is just soo pretty with the pearls!!! help!!!:nuts:
  2. I'm practical and I would like bags I can use a lot of. However, I still think it still boils down to you. If you really like the cluth and can justify the purchase, I say go for it. ;)
  3. Same here! I'd go for the handbag myself because you can use it everyday (evening bags get fewer uses, I find), but if that clutch really speaks to you, then get it, because if you don't, you'll keep thinking about it.
  4. personally, i'm with Chrystalline & Mayday on this one, when i was looking for a d'trick, i really felt that the clutch might been a little too small. (but that's because i carry too many things with me) it's really down to personal preference i guess.

    nonetheless, i noticed that some of those d'tricks on eBay are really high ($925 for a d'trick by some seller?! whoa!). anyway sabine's boutique has 2 d'tricks at the moment - the handbag (Christian Dior Handbags D'Trick Patent Calf Leather White & Black VMR44471) and the clutch (Christian Dior Handbags SMALL D'Trick Patent Calf Leather White with Plaid Fabric PDG41470). and since sabine gives special discounts to board members, i think her prices would be a better bargain than eBay's i guess.
  5. Bag Bag Bag :nuts:
  6. hi guys thanks! yeh i was thinking handbag too! will check out sabines xx
  7. heh, luva pug, if you do purchase from sabine's, don't forget to mention that you're from TPF, extra discounts for us members! ;)

    she's a member of the board too, under the name "Iwan", so you might want to PM her.
  8. I think the clutch is cuter, but you're right; you wont get as much use out of it. :flowers:
  9. I recently had to decide between two items; despite the fact the one would be more practical, and everyone else liked it, I really liked the other better, so i got that ;) So just get what you really like :yes:

    or get both!