D'trick Earrings

  1. My hubby just got these from eBay for me. It's not sold in the US. I didn't buy it when I was in Paris b/c these earrings were too heavy for my small ears and they were $500+. But a couple of weeks ago I saw them on eBay for the first time. They look and feel just like the real ones. I say this b/c I never trust eBay. The seller claims these are real. If anyone has these earrings, please let me know if they are just like yours. ;)

  2. haha i saw those on ebay too!!! they will look superhot with the matching purse. I don't know if they are real, but they match really well.
  3. Man, I found the original image of these earrings and they don't look like the ones I received from Ebay. :cursing: Attached is the original earring image from dior.com. The ones I got do look similar but they are missing:

    1. cz in the stars
    2. the "latch hook" is fixed (one piece) not workable

    Otherwise the style is identical. I doubt Dior made two version of it. One good thing about the ones I got, they are lighter and not dragging my ears down.
  4. im not an expert in dior accessories but i THINK Urs are real ones, perhaps dior made two versions? the one with large closures and diamonds VS small closures plane metal? .. again im assuming ...

    if u have a Good SA at ur local boutqiue try visiting her/him and they'll assure u if its real ...

    anyway, they look soooooo goregous :flowers:
  5. wow...they are gorgeous! :heart: :heart: :heart: If you ever seen one on ebay, please let me know...lol. :drool: :drool: If you don't want them, let me know too...lol...I think it's authentic because Dior does make 2 version of the star bags....one with swarovski crystals! Enjoy them!
  6. 2 versions of the star bags? I got a saddle and boston version of the star bags and they both don't have the crystals. Do you by chance have the photo of the bags with crystals? I am just curious.

    I think I am keeping the earrings. I will keep my eye out for you. If I see them somewhere, I will let you know. :yes: It's so nice to find the stuff you want.
  7. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me on that earrings :yes: With regards to the swarovski bag...here is a link on ebay...

    eBay: DESIGNER CHRISTIAN DIOR LEATHER CRYTAL MINI SADDLE BAG (item 160062958970 end time Dec-19-06 12:12:21 PST)
  8. Angel, thanks for posting the link to see the image. :yes:

    Wow, I remember now. This is an evening bag. It's stunning. Who ever wins the bid will surely enjoy it. I love the "star" series. I can't wait for Dior to come up with another series of bags to empty my bank account. :nuts:
  9. i wish i could help i dont know if they r real or not

    but i love them they r sooo cute
    hope they r real good luck