Dtae codes - any LV items NOT have them?

  1. Do all LV items have a date code?
    What about the smaller items?
    Thanks =)
  2. i've heard that some of the older (vintage) items predate the date code, so they don't have them. i don't know if any of the present day ones don't have them, to my knowledge they all have date codes, but, again, i'm not sure.
  3. I have bags that don't have date codes...but they're really old.
  4. The baby Pap that comes with the Pap 30 does not have a date code
  5. Ah yes, forgot about that! Mine doesn't.
  6. I have found date codes on everything I own LV.....even a 30 year old speedy, but I think there are some exceptions....
  7. Some bags have DC's that are so hard to find, they may as well not be there. The Alcantara makes it almost impossible sometimes. I needed direct sunlight, my reading glasses & help from my eagle-eyed 15 yaer old son to find the one in my Manosque.
  8. Merci - that was specifically what I was wondering about =)

    But also wnat to know for future shopping.
  9. :yes: They are hard to find on the alacantra like in my Saleya.
  10. some older bags, and some runway/vip pieces.