1. Hey all, this is my first post in the Coach forum... but I saw a gorgeous pair of gold and white Coach sneakers at my local DSW, and I just wanted to check with you to make sure DSW sells only authentic Coach. I know this is most likely a yes, but these days you never know! Thanks in advance!
  2. as far as i know, yup! authentic!
  3. Yup, I love buying from them. I am on the hunt for Coach sneakers too.
  4. :yes: I got my pink and gold sneakers there, and a pair of flats too. mine doesn't carry coach anymore though. :crybaby:
  5. Thanks!! I love these sneakers, I'll definitely post pics if I get them (have to wait prob. another week or so because I bought an LV this week and it used up this week's paycheck and more...)
  6. Ok, dumb question, but what is Dsw? I am from the KC area and that doesn't sound familiar to me at all. Also, does anyone know if the store, Tuesday Morning sells any Authentic Coach? And you girls that live by all of the outlets and awesome department stores, I am SOO jealous of you!
  7. i miss dsw. the last time i went there was when i was in NY like almost 2 years ago. damn.

  8. I think it stands for "Discount Shoe Warehouse"
  9. I thought it was Designer Shoe Warehouse... LOL, in any case, it's a shoe store that sells some designer shoes and a few handbags at a somewhat discounted price. The one near me carries some Coach sandals and sneakers, Nina shoes, Steve Madden, BCBG, etc.
  10. I've seen DSW in St Louis but I'm not sure if they are in the KC area or not. I've gotten some of my best Coach shoe deals at DSW. **love**
  11. I have a Tuesday Morning by me..mine of course doesn't sell any Coach. I would stay away until some tPF members can say they sell authentic.
  12. yeah, i have one by me too. and, granted, i've only been in once- but i would seriously question authenticity. mostly because i doubt anyone there knows the difference and fakes could easily be switched without anyone knowing.

  13. Designer Shoe Warehouse sound better:biggrin:
  14. congrats on the LV! I have a toledo blue speedy 30 and LOVE it.

    yeah dsw = designer shoe warehouse. although, my dsw doesn't have anything 'designer' anymore ... not even coach stuff!
  15. They are authentic but over priced.