DSW Winter Sale: Extra 30% off sale items

  1. Not sure how long DSW's winter sale lasts, but currently you can get an additional 30% off all their clearance/sale items. A lot of the DSWs around here have some UGGs on sale too. I just got a pair of black classic shorts for $35!!!!!!!!!!!! (60% off original price, then additional 30%...CRAZY!):yahoo:

    Go check all your DSW stores!! :wlae:
  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I got a great deal on my coach sandals this summer when they had another additional 30% off! I'll be sure to check it out tomorrow!
  3. Thank you for letting us know! I am going to check them out tomorrow and see if I can find myself some Uggs to wear to the dogpark! :p
  4. I just got an email - it is now 50% off all clearance!
  5. Got 8 new pairs of shoes! YAY
  6. :whistle: I'm just going to pretend I didn't see this thread!
  7. I went on Friday - it was extra 50% off clearance.
    Let me just say it wasssss sooooo crowded (it actually smelled in there ) hahahaha

    but I rolled up my sleeves, held my breath and walked out with a pair of
    Marc jacobs tall rain boots for $59!!!!!!!!
    They are a bit tight but it was soooo worth it.
  8. Do they have a website. Or are there only stores?
  9. stores only - no online shopping as of yet. pity, really. every store should have an online store for those days when we don't feel like braving the crowds...
  10. As usual, my DSW didn't really have anything 'desinger' .... they should open one with a better selection!! I ended up getting a pair of shoes for work that came out to $18.75, nothing too exciting.
  11. I got a pair of Steve Madden clogs for $8.97!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! That's the cheapest pair of shoes I ever bought!!!!!! LOL
  12. OMG I would die if my DSW had uggs on the clearance :s
  13. this would be a great sale... if my DSW carried nice designer stuff :sad: i found marc jacobs there once and bought like everything pretty in my size. but nothing since then.
  14. A DSW opened near me in Marina Del Rey, CA. They have quite a few Marc Jacobs right now, as well as Prada, Miu Miu and Givenchy... Most of these on clearance too! I've gone to this sale twice!