DSW vs. Zappos

  1. So, I bought a pair of cute casual boots from Zappos for $135. I went to DSW today and saw the same boots (designer and all) for $70:confused1: .
    I also saw a pair of Cavalli stilettos on couture.Zappos for about 300 bucks. The same shoes were on clearance at DSW for around 60 bucks:wtf: !!! No wonder they can afford to absorb free shipping to and fro!!!!!!!!!:cursing:
  2. Zappos is almost always more expensive, they do have a price match policy. i'm just not sure how to do it.
  3. I think it depends on which DSW, and how lucky you get on Zappos. You can find great deals on both. I've found Cavalli heels on Zappos for little over $100, but in the DSW near where I live I've never seen Cavalli for less than two or three hundred. I have, though, seen Pradas for around $80.
  4. Pradas for $80? What a deal! I wish I had brands let alone prices like that at the DSW's I shop!
  5. i think if u pop by DSW on the right day you can find amazing deals :P.......i generally stay away because i hate going up and down those rows and looking at clearance racks that are taller than i am :sad: but occasionally i stop by and find something amazing...like the hottest pair of black patent giusseppe zanotti sandals for $80 :yahoo:
  6. Zappos has a lot of older styles that they mark down and then mark back up....
  7. My mom found a pair of beautiful Botega Veneta (sp?) mules for $60! @ DSW ,they are TDF!
  8. i usually use zappos as it is so much easier than DSW. the DSW stores in my area don't seem to have good shoes like yours! or maybe i should look harder.
  9. Zappos does have price matching, and I've invoked it once - it really does work! The prices are just average, but you gotta love their free shipping both ways and 365-day return policy. They definitely get my vote for enormous selection and excellent customer service.

    Don't get me wrong, I love DSW, but you really have to hit it just right.