DSW - Take an extra 30% off

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  1. Hello all!

    Just went to DSW and they're taking an extra 30% on all clearance items!:yes:
  2. Awesome! Do you know how long the sale is for? Thanks for posting!
  3. Really? I was there on Friday and they didn't have that. I might have to return and rebuy my shoes. Thanks for the post.
  4. The email reads that extra 30% is going on only "selected" stores.
  5. Are any stores in Pittsburgh on the list?
  6. hoho, found another pittsburgher:yahoo:
  7. I'm in Pittsburgh too!
  8. No store in Pittsburgh is in the list. Click the picture below for a larger view. By the way, I've seen people putting pictures in their original size. Anyone knows how to do it?

  9. sale in union sq.,nyc was disappointing =(
  10. darn! STL not on the list!! shafted!
  11. That stinks. Thanks for putting up the list.