Dsw Shoes

  1. I was at my local Dsw shoes today and they had Lacoste shoes for $17, Juicy couture shoes for $20, and tahari for $15. It is worth a trip to see if your store has deals like this.
  2. I got BCBG's today for $17! DSW is def. trying to get rid of a lot of their inventory.
  3. ahhh all these sales and the economy!! you ladies are killing meee :wacko: hehe
  4. Wow, those are great deals. Oops, time for lunch... running to DSW!!!
  5. I got a gorgeous pair of Via Spiga wedges for $12!
  6. Wow - those are serious sales - hope there's something left when I'm in SF for some meetings tomorrow - now, I have to figure out how to find some time to get over there. We're getting a store out near where I live, but it won't be open until Fall.
  7. Is this a different sale than when they were having 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, & 80% off the already marked down prices a few weeks ago?
  8. OMG there's a DSW right when I walk out of the Metro to my house... ooooh i can't wait to get off at 4:30
  9. looks like I need to make another trip into DSW! I've been on a shoe kick latley.
  10. Wow!! Those are some awesome deals! Mental note: check out DSW when I get back to Atlanta next week!!
  11. There are some really good deals! I got some Stuart Weitzman stilettos for less than $40 and they are gorgeous! I also got some Sam Edelman flats that retailed for $150 for only $15! Theres some great deals so check it out! :tup:
  12. Are they all on those sale racks in the back of the store?
  13. They were just scattered through out the store.
  14. WOW..i think its time to head down to the mall during lunchtime tomorrow
  15. I didin't see anything good near mine. I did buy marc by marc jacobs flats black patent flats for $60 (80% off 299). I don't know if this was even a good deal. I'm trying to find it online to see the true price of the flats.