DSW Shoe Warehouse...Missoni Scarves $40

  1. I just bought the most beautiful Missoni sweater scarf...in the classic weave for $59 leass 40%, I believe! Anyway...total ended up being $42.00 with tax, and I got a scarf that I have been wanting for years!!!! Hope someone else will be just as happy!
  2. Congrats on such great find. I didn't know that DSW also sells Missoni scarves..thanks for sharing that info with us.:flowers:
  3. Do you know if any other DSW's are carrying Missoni? What a bargain!!!!
  4. Great Deal! I don't even think my DSW has Missoni scarves. Will have to stop by tomorrow and check it out. Thanks for the great info and congrats!
  5. At the Filene's in Atlanta, they had a bunch of the silk Missoni scarves on sale for 14.99...I got mine on sale there for 9.99 :smile:
  6. whoa; great deal!
  7. Thanks for posting. I ran down to my local DSW in Marina Del Rey, CA and they had a bunch of them as well as Moschino scarves (with hearts and peace signs). I bought a couple for gifts. They are now marked down 50% so I bought them for $30 a piece. :smile:
  8. Wow! I will have to run over there!
  9. Missoni is my fave designer for clothing. Would it be possible to post a pic so I can drool on my keyboard?
  10. What an awesome deal! Annemerrick, which store was that? I'm in Dallas and would be too excited to find them.
  11. Awesome deal indeed!
    Does anyone know if NY Union Sq store has them?
  12. I remember seeing these at the Filene's Basement in downtown Boston about a month ago... they had tonnes in different colors.

  13. I visited the DSW in Preston Center...hope you are able to find something beautiful also!!! Here is a pic....
  14. Wow, that's awesome! Thanks for posting! I have to go check it out. Can I ask if they are the M Missoni or the Missoni label?

  15. Hi, it is Missoni (orange label).