DSW scarves...unreal!!

  1. I just went to DSW on my lunch and they were in the process of marking their scarves down to $5 each! I bought 4 Moschino scarfs that were compared to $295 each...I saved $640!!!! The only problem is I live in Florida and will probably get to wear them one day out of the year!
  2. They'd make great presents!
  3. if there are any left do you mind letting us know which DSW in Florida?
  4. Absolutely, The store in South Tampa on Dale Mabry. There were at least a dozen or so left.
  5. Check out using them on your purse handle...check the Hermes Forum!

    Congrats!!!! Kiley
  6. Wow, that's a great deal! Congrats. I need to check out the DSW near me!
  7. DSW near me never have great deal like this...
    There isn't any premier name brand items...

    Congrats on your awesome find.
  8. Sell them on eBay!
  9. What kind of scarves are these?

    I only saw some MOSCHINO heart scarves a couple months ago...Now there is nothing left...:crybaby:
  10. They are the heart scarves and the heart/peace sign combo. They didn't have anything in plain colors. But they did that these in red/white, black/white, pink/grey and tan/white. They were marking them down from the clearance price of $59.94 to $5.
  11. The DSW closest to me (still across the border, though...grr) never has ANYTHING. The highest end thing they have are Guess shoes. Ugh.
  12. Thanks a lot!!! Maybe it is worthwhile to check whether the DSW closest to me has such great items...:smile:
  13. I called the one in Milpitas, CA and the girl was extremely rude! I asked if they had any and she said that the only scarves they have are on clearance. I told her the ones I wanted are on clearance and she insisted none of them had hearts on them. I asked her if she was sure and she said she was and then hung up on me.

    If anyone goes to one around the milpitas/san jose area and they have some could you let me know! I would love to get a few!