DSW : Extra 30% Off Starting Tomorrow

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  2. I'm going in the morning because there are couple of Missoni shoes that were priced at $299 + 50% off and I just KNEW that there would be further reductions. So, I will purchase them tomorrow at 80% off! YAHOOOOOOOOO!
  3. There Are Some Coach Shoes I Liked
  4. Ooh, another place to add to my list of places to go this Friday. Thanks!
  5. i'll stop by tomorrowww...
  6. Thanks for the heads up! I'm desperate for some new boots!
  7. Woo Hoo! I really shouldn't go, but I'll just make a QUICK stop tomorrow to see if there is anything too good to pass up on. Thanks for the post!
  8. I'll pop in there in the AM....but I never see any designer shoes in the one near me. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough....
  9. 50% off then 30% off is 65% off...
  10. You are right! I thought that they were going to slap the yellow 80% stickers on the high end shoes. Thank God for my coupons. I bought two pair of Missoni shoes that are sooooooo cute.
  11. Ahhh, I'd definitely take advantage but I plan on buying some fabulous Nine West shoes. I might pop in anyway...
  12. I was in a hurry today so I was only able to pick up 2 moschino scarves for $10 a piece, a pair of $3 gloves, and a pair of steve madden flats for $8! I barely walked into the store and I found all those deals!
  13. moschino scarves for $10 a piece!? which store is this?? oh my gosh you got great deals!! :tup:
  14. I picked up a pair of Coach marie patchwork flats for only $35!! =)
  15. Most of the Coach shoes were not on sale. I saw some Coach sandals/thong slippers that were in the clearance room.

    I ended up going to DSW last night and scored bigtime! I found a pair of suede and leather chunky heeled Steve Maddens which was different shades of green and also had gold with a 4" heel for 80% off. I also got a pair of cute round toed Nine West shoes in mauve suede for 70% off. The original price of both pairs was $59.99. My total was $22 because there was the additional 30% off Clearance shoes! :wlae: The sale categories varied from 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, and 80% off depending on the sticker color