DSW - Designer deals - $49

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  1. Hi ladies! Some clearance Luxe810 brands have been marked down today to $49- a small selection of Sergio Rossi and Bally in larger sizes. Just FYI!

  2. :smile: you're very welcome!
  3. I tried to buy the Sergio Rossi pumps but when I went to check out they said they were no longer available.. :sad:
  4. gawd i love dsw. thank you OP
  5. You're very welcome!! :smile:
  6. ^I keep trying to buy those but could be a glitch at this point. If anyone here was able to please let me know. :smile:
  7. Does anyone know what happened to other designers such as Gucci, Miu Miu that they used to carry? I don't see a whole lot of selections anymore!
  8. I tried to buy those a few days ago, and it wasn't working for me either :shucks:
  9. Thank you!!
  10. anyone possibly have a coupon they aren't going to use? TIA!
  11. :woohoo:
  12. Hey thanks! I was about to go shoe shopping so this helps.