DSW Coupon

  1. i just bought a pair of boots a few minutes ago because i hesitated last night, and it took about 2 hours of trying! finally it went through... that's what i get for hesitating :biggrin: dsw.com is nuts right now. i don't even want to think about how long its going to take for my order to ship... lol.
  2. Maybe I received the "shipped" notice because I sent an email to CS around 2pm this afternoon explaining I had ordered at midnight last night and I couldn't find any order history. I attached my order confirmation. I didn't receive an answer but I did get the notice it was shipped at 6:30 tonight. You might want to send an email with your purchase confirmation to CS.
  3. ^ What e-mail address did you use? I sent a message to CS earlier today through the website (it doesn't give you a e-mail). But I never heard back from anyone.
  4. Uhh, I just got the following e-mail:

    WTH? I called, was on hold for 15 minutes, and gave up. How annoying!!:cursing:

  5. ^ What? Grr!! How annoying. Especially when it's SO hard to get it touch with them right now.
  6. Mine was a message too thru their website. My account is still showing no record of my throw purchase but I now have the shipping notice with the fedex tracking number so I'm thinking it is coming.
  7. ^ okay, thanks. I did get an answer from an e-mail address that I got from their facebook and my order is definitely placed. So...I guess I'll just have to be patient for the shipping e-mail. Maybe if I don't have it by tomorrow or Wednesday, I'll e-mail them again.
  8. I tried to get on the DSW site for hours on and off yesterday and finally gave up. Frustrating.
  9. woohoo dsw sent me a $15 off $49 coupon for the mess on monday...anyone else? seems to be account specific.

  10. me too...and I didn't even order anything monday.
  11. Yep! I got one too!! I started the order process at 11am and I kept getting errors. By 2 or 3pm the Gucci throws had sold out! :tdown: I still want a pair of boots that I had in my shopping cart so I will be using the $15 off today. I thought that was pretty decent of them to do that.
  12. Im ordering 3 Gucci throws and these are the only codes that seem to be working for me

    Free Standard Shipping
    Code: SHIPR

    $5 off on us
    Code: COMEBACK

    You get 500 points for this order
    Code: 922
  13. anyone have any other codes I can use? 10% off? im so upset i missed the 25% off on cyber monday.
  14. I am so angry at DSW! I placed an order about 12:10 am on cyber monday and they doubled my order and billed me twice. I emailed them at 12ish when I saw two emails at the same time with different order numbers. I receive an email at about 9am telling me there is nothing they can do it was already processed. I told them it's not fair cause it ended in my billing cycle and now I have to pay a return processing fee?! Not sure if that applies to store returns. Still, the inconvenience!
  15. free return to store