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  1. Thanks for the codes...love that they stack too!
  2. 920 doesn't work anymore, at least not for me but.......

    DSWSAVE for 30% off 1 regular-priced item
    COMEBACK for $5 off
    SHIPR for free shipping any order over $35

    I was able to use all three codes on my order :yahoo:
  3. ^^ Thanks! I just got a pair of over the knee suede boots and saved like $29 plus free shipping.
  4. When you do the 30% off code do you actually see the price drop? Because it says the code has been applied but the price is the same.
  5. ^^ Yes the price of my boots went from $49.95 to $34.97 when I added the 30% off code.

    If you're getting a pair that are that are $49.95 your best bet it to add SHIPR FIRST then DSWSAVE and those work together and still gives free shipping even though the order's under $35, when I add the $5 off though it takes away the free shipping. Still a good deal & if your order is more than that then the $5 off will still work with the other codes!
  6. This came up when I googled dsw (it was liked to dsw.com)
    Purchase a $50+ DSW Gift Card & Get a $10 Bonus Card Now Thru 12.24!►
  7. The 30 percent DSWSAVE won't work for me, either. It says the discount has been applied, but doesn't change the price.
  8. Oh my goodness! I love this! I was able to use all three codes from $89 down to $55. Absolutely :heart: it!
  9. DSWSAVE for 30% off 1 regular-priced item- worked
    COMEBACK for $5 off- didn't work but I $5 in points to use
    SHIPR for free shipping any order over $35- worked

    Thanks for the codes!
  10. Does anyone know if you can use these codes on multiple orders or are they one time use?
  11. I think the DSWSAVE code you can only use 1 time per DSW account. Not sure about the others but I would guess that you can reuse them.
  12. "Promotion Code DSWSAVE is invalid. Please check the code for accuracy and the offer details for valid dates and re-enter correct code below."

    =( first time i'm using this..did it expire already? COMEBACK also did not work.
  13. #28 Nov 15, 2010
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2010
    COMEBACK is for brand new DSW online accounts and is only valid for 24 hours.

    The BOOTS works for 30% off. DSWSAVE must have expired.
  14. ^i just created my account today and tried COMEBACK. i don't think its working.

    but BOOTS does work for 30% one regular priced item!! thanks!!
  15. thanks guys!