Dsw & Coach

  1. Does DSW carry alot of Coach shoes? Is it past seasons or current? And finally are they well priced? Thanks I don't have a DSW close by so I just want to know if it's worth traveling alittle to see...it's about a 30 min. drive. Thanks.:smile:

    The only places by me that sell coach shoes at a reasonable prices is Nordstrom Rack & Marshalls. All Coach shoes $100.00. Off Saks is usually $50.00+ more than NR & Marshalls.
    [​IMG]Marshalls had these but in flats they are so cute but I can do without the fur mustash & they weren't the pointed tip but rounded.
    [​IMG]NR had these in brown & black
    [​IMG]NR had these also.
    If anyone wants one of their phone # just PM me.

    I also just saw these on gotham city, are coach heels comfy?
  2. You know I must be sleeping under a rock because I never go to the Nordstrom Rack around me. Shellbell said she found all these Coach shoes there. Back when I was getting closterphobic in the rack, I never saw coach shoes.

    I'm not sure about DSW because I don't shop there either. I get a little overwhelmed in places like that. I have been to SRI a few times, but never saw coach shoes.
  3. The DSW I live near carries Coach shoes, but it probably depends on the particular store. Maybe you could call to see what they have?
  4. Does DSW ship?
  5. Haven't been to DSW in a while because there wasn't one near me in Cali..and there's not one in Harrisburg.

    elongreach - last time I was at the rack the coach shoes were down to almost nothing. And most of the sunglasses were gone...maybe I was just there at a good time?
  6. Oh...and I think my coach heels are SUPER comfy...particularly my Naomi pumps which have a quilted insole.
  7. I don't know if the ship or not. Good question. I would love to know to...hmm I guess I'll have to call after work. Didn't Blackbutterfly get Coach sneakers at DSW for like $40.00. That's a great deal! I just, you know, want to get great bargains too. My funds are limited so I can't really pay full price on shoes like I do most my bags. Plus I'm pretty tough on shoes.
  8. the ones that i got recently were from Macy's, but I've gotten shoes from DSW before for cheap as well.

    My DSW currently has the bubble sneakers, a few pair of sandals, but no heels yet.
  9. There is a DSW in Hunt Valley if you want to take the trip. It will take you less time to get there than to the one in Columbia. It's right off 83.
  10. What's DSW? Thanks! :flowers:
  11. Oh..just looked at that on the map...I think I've gotten off there for food on my way home once...that's an easy stop for me...may do that tomorrow!
  12. There's a DSW in Springfield & in Fairfax depending on how far you are from there...I haven't been in awhile, but they had coach last time I was there...however I was just looking...:sad:
  13. I think it stands for Designer Shoe Warehouse, and it's a large store with aisles and aisles of shoes. they have a section with Designers - our store has Coach, Prada, Dior, Calvin Klein, St. John, and a whole bunch of other names that escape me right now. But you can get some really good deals, especially if you sign up for their card (free). It used to be every 250 points you get a $25 gift certificate but they are revamping that process, making it easier to get to your gift certificate. Plus they send you coupons during the year AND special coupons for your birthday. go to DSWSHOES and you'll see all the important stuff!
  14. My mother is at DSW in Columbia, MD and said they had coach shoes. I'm not driving there though. I'm not in the mood. My SA at Nordies called me and told me about a Chloe rep or trunk showcase that's going on today and I'm not even in the mood to do that.
  15. DSWs near the city are awesome.. they usually have some decent shoes, coach, MJ, etc.

    I own a pair of Coch slingbacks that I find are pretty well made and comfortable. But it really all depends on the style of shoe, I would thing.