dsw clearance sale...

  1. Well, i know they advertised their sale after xmas so this is WAY long overdue but there are still some items left with great markdowns.

    if you're in NYC, if you get a chance, head to the dsw by battery park - their selection is far greater than the one in union sq. (which is pretty much wiped clean)

    i got a pair of
    - Diego di Lucca flats for $20! (on sale from $100 and on Zappos they're $158!)
    - sam and libby flats for $8 LOL not a fan but they were $8 i couldnt resist.

    - marc by marc jacobs patent pumps for $60 (from $300-325)

    i returned another pair of diego di lucca's so theyre up for grabs (in a size 8.5) and also the MbMJ pumps... unfortunately.
    okay in the shoes forum, i posted about sizing of MbMJ shoes - turns out that they MARKED the sizes wrong! a 38 is actually a 7 lol but they put "8" but i found another pair and tried on the 39 and they fit perfectly (im a size 8) soooooo no wonder.

    anyway, so there's a size 38 black patent MbMJ shoes up for grabs at DSW for $60 that i just returned if anyone is interested. note that the Patent is a bit crinkled, i think on purpose

    there are plenty of other 80% off shoes left at that dsw if anyone is interest.

    ***side note: sorry for the bad grammar as per usual, i just woke up***
  2. is this at all the DSW?
  3. yeah all the DSW started their clearance sale (up to 80% off) on dec. 26 i believe but since its been so long, the busier DSWs probably don't have much selection left. I only mentioned Battery Park in NYC because they still have a decent amount left.