DSW- 80% off

  1. Hey all- apologies if anyone else already posted this- but DSW is having an amazing sale in stores this week. 80% off many, many items. Some purses (nothing great at our DSW, but that's probably because I'm currently enamored with Andrea Brueckner and Hayden Harnett). At any rate- I'm so thrilled with my purchases I have to share so that ya'all can get a great deal too!
    8 pairs of shoes for $99 :yahoo:(according to my receipt I saved over $500 of retail, $300 off DSW prices)!
    2 pairs for my husband
    a pair of Michael by Michael Kors for $20 (currently on Zappos for $140!)
    a pair of Nicole Miller leather pumps for $18
    Steve Madden Espadrilles for $10
    Leather Pumas for $13
    Sam and Libby Sling Back pumps for $10 (currently on Zappos for $60)
    Converse for $7

    I totally expected my husband to flip when I walked in the door with so many boxes of shoes- but when he found out what a bargain everything was, all he could say was awesome!

    So anyway, if you get a sec this week, I'd highly recommend checking it out :yes:
    Good luck and happy shopping
  2. thanks for sharing. i will definitely check it out. btw, great purchases, enjoy.
  3. Thanks for sharing....going there on my way home tonight!
  4. Thanks for the tip! I will head there tonight after work!
  5. I love DSW, this sale has been going on for a while now.. so when I went on Saturday it was pretty picked over.

    I looked through the non-sale stuff and found some AWESOME and adorable patent Sam Edelman flats for 55 bucks.... the funny thing is, i got my Lucky magazine yesterday and my shoes were featured in there.

    :heart: :heart: :heart: DSW!!!
  6. I'll have to make a trip over there tonight! thanks for sharing your great bargains.
  7. You really scored! My local DSWs are really bad...like only Madden Girl and Rampage. (Not that there's anything wrong with those, but I'd prefer KORS and other mid-range brands.)
  8. Tnx for sharing, on my way to DSW!
  9. I was there yesterday! I got 5 pairs of shoes including a pair of Michael Kors sandals all for the price of $53. What a great deal! You must go!:tup:
  10. I went to DSW last week when the selection was still good, but nothing right in my size :rolleyes: BUT i did score a nice looking convertible black bag for only $28 from its original $140 :wlae:
  11. I think I must have gone too late! All the good designer shoes were either all gone..or not yet at 80% off...I'm glad you posted this, otherwise I would have never gone in...I always thought DSW was kind of like a bigger version of Payless! I was pleasantly surprised!!
  12. Thanks for the info. I'm going to check tomorrow. The DSW by me is usually not very good, but you never know.
  13. I went last week and got a pair of coach platform pumps that had a retail tag of $258 for $23 bucks. And on top of that they are one of the most comfortable heels I've ever owned.
  14. I love DSW. I bought 5 pairs of shoes last time I was in there...I really shouldn't stop by again, but I think I'll check it out tomorrow!