DSR scoring no longer to be "anonymous"

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  1. Hmmmmmm....I predict more than ever 'newbie ebayers' opening new accounts to get back at a buyer or buyers that knocked down their DSR ratings. It already happens, now it's going to be much easier. Does anyone see a reason why a scorned seller wouldn't do this? (I know a lot of us wouldn't, but just wondering what you guys thought).
  2. If the seller suspects the newbie buyer is retaliatory previous seller, it's pretty easy for her to contact ebay and see if the accounts and IPs are linked. (It's similar to what TPF does here when a member is suspected of opening a second account.)
  3. I saw this on another forum and it's about time.

    True, those of us that know how to run reports can already do this, but now we won't have to hassle with it.

    It will out those scumbag buyers who leave glowing positive comments but slam DSR's.
  4. Great news. Should have always been that way. No reason why someone should be allowed to hide behind the feedback. How are we suppose to address the "issue" and implement "improvement" if we do not know what the issue is? I always ran reports and found out who dinged anyway, but what a hassle it was!
  5. Not to mention that there really are malicious buyers out there. A few years ago there was a lady from another town here in Washington who was very friendly to the point of gushing. She bought a ring from me, left a positive but then a few days later my stars took a hit. After running the reports I figured out it was her but still had no idea why.

    I found out later via a thread on the eBay forums that she was a jewelry seller and was just being nasty to the "competition". Weird, because I don't sell much jewelry but I guess she makes a habit of leaving 3s across the board for every transaction. Not low enough to be "bad" but low enough to bring down the average of a low volume seller. In any case, many of those people didn't put 2 and 2 together until they saw the thread. If every seller had known right away who dinged them and reported her maybe she would have gotten NARU'd a lot sooner. Or maybe, since she wouldn't have been able to hide her dings she wouldn't have tried to pull that BS in the first place!

    I've heard that this practice is especially common in electronics which is a category eBay is heavily banking on. Perhaps that's what initiated the change.
  6. Ladies, I'm a little confused about how this will be helpful? Is it so that we can add the offenders to our BBLs, or can sellers report buyers for dinging DSRs when simultaneously leaving glowing positive feedback? :wondering
  7. I think both.
  8. Yup. Nothing stopping you from doing both.