D's First Burberry Leather. :)

  1. It really is beautiful - congrat's
  2. Its beautiful! Do you find the leather to be very heavy? I am looking at a leather tote and its hard to tell from a pic. thanks.
  3. Nice bag, congratulations and enjoy :smile:!
  4. Thank you so much! :smile:
  5. Thanks! :smile: Actually, the bag itself isn't heavy. The chain is though! I now don't really attach the chain much when I use this bag. When I have the chain on, the bag gets kind of heavy after a while and the straps get uncomfortable. I asked Burberry if they sell the long bag straps separately (so at least I have other options on how to carry this bag), but they don't unfortunately.

    The leather of this (buffalo) is nice and thick and seemingly impervious to scratches and whatnot. I've had this since for around 3 months, used it on and off, and still looks brand new. Softer, but still looks so new.
  6. Gorgeous bag! Love the color and the leather. Congratulations!
  7. Thank you! :smile:
  8. that is unique~!
  9. Thanks! :smile:
  10. nice bag@@