D's First Burberry Leather. :)

  1. Hi, everyone. :smile: I got this around November 2011 and hadn't been able to put up a shot or two of her her at TPF. Thanks to my husband, here are a couple of photos of her.

    On the tags that were on her, she's the "Landen Tote" while on a couple of websites, she's just known as "Landscape Leather Tote".

    I actually like a her a hella lot - the leather is nice and thick, the chain is just so NICE and the bag is just so very understated - low key but feels so...luxurious. Only thing though is, after a while, the straps just kind of hurt the arm a bit. If she came with a long strap for other carrying options, it'd be a tad more comfy. Was actually thinking about looking around for a Burberry strap, but realized it might look funny. Why mess around with the design of the bag, right? :p (But since I like her a lot, I might just end up looking around for a strap and using it when my arm dies out on me and the feeling of luxury dies out with it)
    DSC_6624a.jpg DSC_6626a.jpg
  2. Oooh - that's really beautiful!

    Do you find the chain to be heavy like the stam bag?
  3. I love the style and the leather looks so nice!
  4. What a lovely bag! Never seen this one before.
  5. Huge congratualtions :tup:

    Just gorgeous, the shape, the leather, the colour...
  6. I'm not sure about the stam bag, but the chain on this one feels SOLID. Really solid. :smile:
  7. Thanks, Addy! :hugs: I'm so honored you took a peek at my bag and left a comment. I've got a slight girl crush on you and your knowledge about bags!!! :giggles:
  8. Thanks, Heather. I was surprised when I saw this myself. :smile:
  9. Thanks, papertiger. :smile: Truth be told, I wasn't quite sure about this bag at first, but it really is a nice bag which I think would last for quite a long, long time.
  10. That's a very pretty bag!!
  11. Love this bag and I too haven't seen it before.
  12. Thanks, rock1324! :smile:
  13. Thanks, Flip88! :smile: I actually only saw this bag in three websites - the Burberry site, a site in Italy (where I got it) and in the NM site.
  14. What a great bag! Love the colour and the leather :love: Congrats!
  15. Thanks, Sugar Fly! :smile: