drycleaning frequency for cashmere?

  1. i was hoping to get some idea on how often you dryclean your cashmere items (or how often i should dryclean it to keep it well)? coats, sweaters, scarves and the like.

    i found that chemicals tend to make the soft cashmere a little rougher so i dryclean my coats and scarves once before i put it away for summer.

    any thoughts?
  2. Great question - I actually did some research on drycleaning cashmere b/c I took a robert rodriguez sweater to the dry cleaners recently and when I got it back - it was fuzzy(pilling) and didn't look right at all.. I was devestated since it's one of my favorite cashmere sweaters...Plus really expensive...

    They say you're not suppose to take any of your cashmere sweaters to the dry cleaners b/c of the chemicals they use -unless you really have to in order to remove stains that you can't take out by handwashing. Handwashing instead is suppose to prolong the life of your sweater.... I haven't tried handwashing it yet, but will try it with a cheaper sweater first...

    How to Wash a Cashmere Sweater - eHow.com
  3. sweaters i never dryclean, unless they have some sort of detailing that could snag the sweater. i wash them cold (in the machine :wtf: but i wouldn't do it in every washing machine. i'd handwash if i didn't trust the machine) and air dry them, it's gentler on the fabric.
  4. jderickson.com | a clothing care primer

    this is a great article on how to care for your garments.
    i normally take my coats and etc to local drycleaners but this says to take it to the cleaners that high end boutiques. madame paulette is that one in manhattan but cleaning costs just as much as the actual item!

    i may consider handwashing my sweaters - but i'll probably cry if it shrinks or if i damage it somehow...
  5. I handwash my cashmere in cold water with a little woolite, put it flat on a towel, roll up the towel to get rid of excess moisture, shape it, and let it dry flat. This keeps the sweaters soft and I have never had one shrink. If you just want to refresh your sweaters, you can use Dryel. Dryel comes with a bag for your clothes and little sheets with chemicals on them. You put it in your dryer for 30 minutes and it steams your clothes. I hope this helps!
  6. There's this brand of appliances called Miele. It has handwash mode and has cycles for wool and cashmere as well. It's expensive, but worth every penny.
  7. I've had good luck with my cashmere sweaters in the washing machine on a super super gentle cycle and cold water. Then, reshape and flat dry on towels.
  8. I handwash my cashmere as well. Works fine for me.
  9. I take my cashemere sweaters to the cleaners all the time and have never had a problem, fortunately.
  10. :yes: i :heart: miele. i only ever get miele appliances if i have the choice. in copenhagen i have this awful washing machine by a brand called candy :lol: and i'd never dream of putting cashmere in that. but in miele, absolutely!
  11. I will try handwash my cashmere sweaters from now on. My drycleaner charges me too much just for couple of sweaters.
  12. I heard that dry cleaning is actually bad for cashmere? I've always been told to handwash my cashmere.