Dry winter knuckles

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  1. I use to think that I was allergic to the powder in latex gloves because I would develope dry-cracked knuckles.--only my right hand..never my left.

    But then I realized its WINTER everytime I get this!

    My knuckles get readyy dry, sometimes itchy too and it makes my knuckles look DARK.

    I apply cortisone on it but not really too big on lotions & moisturizers on my skin.

    Does anyone have this too or am I the only one?
  2. Nope, the exact same thing happens to me! Every winter, without fail, I get horribly dry hands and my knuckles and skin basically crack. I try to use a strong vaseline type lotion with or without those glove things (as strange as they are) to sleep in. Haven't been doing it enought this winter though!

    Let me know if you find a great solution for it though. I think I am going to try to make an appt. with my dermatologist to see what he suggests.
  3. Happens to me too and I don't wear latex gloves. I think it's the drying effects of not only the cold weather, but also the drying heat most places operate when it's chilly.

    I'd be concerned only because it's one hand that gets it the worse. Are you having to wash your hands frequently in your proffesion (such as a nurse, my Mom was a nurse and she ALWAYS was washing her hands... dried them out bad!) I'd ask a dermotoligist what's up.

    Lubraderm is what I use and it works great. I'd steer clear of stuff that's really expensive, they often have perfumes and the like that will dry them out more.
  4. I have the same exact problem on the same hand! Both are dry but the right it so much worse than the left... last yr I even had bad dry cracks that looked like little cuts. I am definitely a nut about washing my hands but I can't stop doing that. I've yet to find a solution other than constantly applying hand lotion.
  5. mine crack and bleed too. i use aquaphor and gloves when i sleep at nite. this helps a lot. also, NEVER leave the house without gloves on. once my hands see the cold air they dry out. when i wear gloves it prevents it
  6. Same thing here :yes:

    Washing my hands a lot and taking hot showers makes it soo much worse :push:

    Have you tried a humidifier?? Those help me a lot during the dry winter months :tup:
  7. Try L'occitane hand cream--I have horrendously dry hands (a problem only made worse by the surgical scrubs), and this is the only cream I've ever found that works--vaseline will retain moisture, but won't give it back
  8. I have the same problem EVERY winter. It got worse after I started work in a clinic and I'm always washing hands with antiseptic (Dil. Chlorhex) every half an hour and also wearin latex gloves every other day.
    I just use Crabtree & Evelyn's Hand Cream. It's the white and blue one, I forgot the name. Doesn't make it go away, but makes it look better somewhat :/
  9. Ditto with the winter dryness here. I just carry a little tube of hand cream with me everywhere.
  10. I use a normal lotion for dry hands. If they get really dry, I use a hand lotion like l'occitane. If they are even drier, I use 100% pure shea butter.
  11. I would also recommend Crabtree's hand cream. That stuff is great. I just bought one from Bath and Body Works w/ shea butter and grapeseed oil and that is nice too. I still think Crabtree helps more though.