dry winter face

  1. Ok.. i need some help. Only in the winter is my face DRY!.. Recently i've been breaking out bad. Currently right now i have a scabbed zit. The skin around this area is cracked and peeling.. it looks awful. i am searching for a product that wont dry my skin out and will help me control my acne... i have a feeling im in need of a deep cleansing facial, but dont have the money for it now........ any suggestions?
  2. i am the same as you rigth now.
    i use boscia recharging night moisture which is so oily for me in the summer but great for winter. but it still makes my face a bit dry feeling. wearing sunscreen makes it worse.

    i use shu uemura green a/o cleansing oil which helps with the dryness a litle bit but i am in need for a heavy duty moisturizer that won't clog my skin since i am combo/acne prone ...
  3. I use the bare minerals vitamin lotion that comes in the starter kit. It does a really good job moisturizing without being greasy.
  4. I'm not sure if La Mer would make you break out even more, but it is a fantastic cream for moisturizing dry winter skin.
  5. I have very dry skin and I make sure I wash my face with a cleansing milk, any other kind of cleanser, especially soap, would just crack my face.
  6. I have normal skin now, but before I went on accutane, I had severely dry skin with bad acne. I know what you are dealing with, and the cracking does hurt! I think you may need to stop using some of the acne products in order to get the mositure back into your skin. Try washing with a gentle cleansing milk, like spylove22 recommended. Also-you might want to try a heavier, non-comedgenic (sp?) mositurizer for night time on the areas more prone to dryness. One that helped me was Cell Science Repair Cream. Good Luck.
  7. Just buy any kind of moisteriser really and put it on before you put your makeup on, and then again before you go to bed, just keep it moisterised.
  8. CETAPHIL! not the little pump bottle, but the big round tub. Its SUPER thick and moisturizing. I just put a ton of it on at night and the night morning my skin is super soft! Also, make sure you exfoliate!!
  9. One thing that is a must in the winter is having a humidifier in your bedroom. The air needs moisture. Another thing I do is use a facial steamer, first I use a scrub on my face then put a light moisturizer on my face and use the steamer for about 15 minutes.....never a problem with dry skin if you do this. You can buy a faical steamer in a beauty supply store, some drugstores and most major dept. stores for under $25.00. I use mine for sinus problems too.
    I couldn't live without it and my face is flawless.....no skin problems. I used to break out every now and then and have some dry skin. I use mine 3-4 times a week.
  10. Thanks for starting this thread. I also have dry skin w/ some break outs. I always feel at odds with using a lot of moisturizers when I have breakouts for fear of it getting worse.
  11. ^ :yes: Imcit, It sounds like your skin is just dry and irritated. If the pimple is already dried up, stop putting acne products on it and just let it heal. Otherwise it will just irritate your skin and make it worse!

    ^ I've been using Cetaphil twice a day too. I mentioned in another thread that I'd like to try something more natural, but I feel torn about it because Cetaphil REALLY works for me!

    I had the same problem a couple weeks ago, where my skin was dry but it was breaking out from stress and change of seasons. I fought the urge to bombard it with acne products and it cleared up right away. I've just been using a mild cleanser twice a day and rinsing my skin with lots of warm water. While my pores are still open, I put on a ridiculous amount of Cetaphil. If I feel a spot coming on, I dab on Mario Badescu drying lotion with a q-tip. I've also been drinking lots of water... My skin has never looked better.
  12. From what I could understand, your skin needs MOISTURE and not OIL so try Clinique's Moisture Surge Extra. It's a peach colour and is a Gel Creme so it will replenish the water that's been sucked out by the lack of humidity in winter/ heated air without clogging your pores and creating even more zits. Go easy on the exfoliating as well since your skin is probably sensitive at this point. I don't usually recommend Clinique products but this one can work under your normal day/night cream and you can even keep a small jar/sample with you to apply on top of your makeup if you get dry during the day (just remember to blot the oil on your face prior to application).

    I'm guessing that you're breaking out more because A) it's dry so you touch/rub your face more often B) you are applying more cream than normal because you think that it will moisturize bu in reality you're overloading and clogging your pores.

    Also, as some other people have mentioned, invest in a humidifier OR if that's out of the question then place a glass of water beside your bed at night. You should also try to do masks that help replenish water in your skin a few times a week because I find that it really helps skin adjust to changing weather.

  13. I swear by Ole henriksen's 3 products which help with blemishes and moisturizes without breaking me out.

    Truth Serum (brightens the complexion)
    Invigorating Night Gel (helps with break-outs without drying me out)
    Sheer Transformation- outstanding moisturizer!

    I am a skincare JUNKIE and have tried everything! I love these 3 products and would rec. them to everyone with mild acne that needs moisturizing.
  14. Your skin produces more oil when it's super dry (that's it's attempt to moisturize itself), so that's probably why you're breaking out. So like everyone said, relax on the acne products and use an oil-free moisturizer and a cream or milk cleanser. Also, don't take super hot showers- that also dries your skin out. I had this same problem about 2 weeks ago due to the sudden cold weather in my area, but now its all sorted out.
  15. I have oily/combination skin that's also dehydrated, especially now in the winter. I found a great product by a brand called Korres, an organic skincare line from Greece (they sell it at Sephora). It's yogurt-based moisturizer specifically for dehydrated oily skin. It's been a godsend.