"Dry skin"

  1. I’ve got horrible a patches of dry, red skin on my chin mainly, my skin used to be perfect.

    I’ve tried a wide range of moisturizers and creams and e45, but don’t do anything, make it worse if anything.

    Any ideas what I can do...?
  2. Why dont you ask this user...
  3. Cetaphil moisturizer. Available in drugstores. My dermotologist recommended it.

    Never use anything with mineral oil or petro-anything in it.
  4. Perhaps you could try oil instead of creams and lotions?
    I have dry skin as well, especially around my eyes and my forehead is always a bit flaky. I tried lots of different creams but none of them did a good job.

    I now use oil which I buy online at Natural Brands for Skin Care products.
    I use wrinkle relief which I mainly use at night, during the day I use a cream with SPF.
    For my body I also use the bath & body oils from the same shop, they are really nice and I don't have that dry itchy feeling after a shower. I think they also do eczema oil, especially for dry and irritated skin so perhaps you could give that one a try.

    Also very good for dry patches is unrefined sheabutter.
  5. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is really good for dry skin.
  6. I suggest you see a dermatologist like I mentioned in your other ID thread.
    Dry red skin may be a skin disorder like eczema or a fungus like ringworm. Anything bought off the shelf without a prescription will only aggravate the situation... speaking from experience. Good luck.