DRY skin - moisturizer suggestions?

  1. Hi ladies, I have dry skin and the cold wind on the midwestern plains every winter makes it so much worse...any suggestions on a really good moisturizer to try? I usually have to go get a prescription moisturizer by January since my skin gets so dry and itchy, but I'd love to find something to try and prevent the dermatologist visit! I've already tried Aveeno (regular lotion) and it wasn't strong enough, any other suggestions?
  2. Okay...this is just a suggestion from my plastic surgeon...my SIL and I are both doing this. She had a chemical peel recently (a really strong one) around her eyes and I also had a eye lid lift. He has told us to use nothing but Aquafor. I use a q-tip and apply...and my SIL just applies it lightly all over the dry areas. (its is greasy) but if used lightly its wonderful. Just a suggestion...maybe try it a few nights and see how you get on!
  3. Aquafor, I know I've seen this before. I'm going to buy some tonight and try it, thanks so much for the suggestion!
  4. Also, Dr. Haushuka's Rose cream (not 100% sure if that is the correct name...they sell it at Sephora) is good.

    Bobbi Brown Extra Moisturizer is also a good bet:smile:
  5. Sunshine...no way are you old enough for a peel...you must live in LA, where those plastic surgery shows are filmed.

    What is Aquafor and is it only available by a plastic surgeon? For now, I"m using Estee Laude Future Perfect as I'm almost out of my Creme De La mer and I'm on a serious budget.
  6. Burt's Bees just came out with a new facial moisturizer called Radience Day Creme. I just got a sample of it and it seems to work very well. Its very hydrating, but its still easy on my skin. Ive found alot of very hydrating cremes like this can make me break out, but this is the best of both worlds :smile:
  7. the brand Lancaster is from Monaco, and the rich moisturising cream works wonders for me as i have really senstive dry skin!
  8. i was using creme de la mer but it broke me out. :sad: now i'm using cetaphil cream and dare i say ---- it does the same thing as la mer but without the break outs and pinch on budget!
  9. I can not say enough about philosophy "Hope in a jar" cream. My derm turned me on to the entire line and it has totally transformed my face. I will be a philosphy girl for life!
  10. Kiehl's Oil-free Sodium PCA Moisturizer-actually draws water to the skin.
    Clinique DDML (i swear by the oil-free lotion, but you can use the regular version)
    Kiehl's Abyssine Cream (very moisturising, not very greasy, and anti-ageing!)
    Eve Lom TLC Cream.
  11. LOL...I did not have the peel...my sister in law did! Im actually 37, I do not live in Ca. I have not had any peels as of yet. Just an eye lid lift. I do favor botox and restelyne..love it! ANYWAY...Aquaphor (I missed spelled it earlier..) I noticed that when I was putting it on just now. Its an over the counter ointment. CHEAP. Great for dry patches...really dry ones.
  12. I just started using Atopalm MLE Cream. It's for extremely dry and sensitive skin. I love it. I read about it in a magazine article. You can purchase it online at skinstore.com.
  13. Whatever you get, make certain it does not contain mineral oil or petro-anything.

    My local beauty supply store recently sold me a tube of Sergino. It is thick so I only use it on my eye and outer lip areas. It is wonderful. Like another poster above, I use Cetaphil for the facial planes.

    Sergino: $6 for a 1oz tube. Should last 4 months at the rate I am using it: several times a day.
    Cetaphil: $8 for a 16 oz bottle. Lasts 4 months. I use it for hands, arms, elbows as well as face.

    My skin is dehydrated (water-dry) but simultaneously oily. Finding a non-greasy moisturizer is tough.

    From the tube label:
    JMS Beauty Supply Indianapolis Indiana a full service Beauty Supply for retail and salons
  14. Shea butter is very good for dry skin. My whole family uses it and it works like magic.
  15. I'd go with Cetaphil with SPF protection. Works well, not greasy, and inexpensive.