Dry Skin - foundation & skin care help!

  1. I've always had dry skin, but lately it's got REALLY bad & I've also started getting a few spots on my chin, that just flare up & back down again but never actually dissapear. I've never been one to have spots before, I usually get one or two around that time of the month, but they only stay for a day or two before dissapearing again.

    The only thing I can think of that's causing them is the face mask I've been using (Lush - Mask of Magnaminty.) I've been using it for like two years now, but I noticed today my current pot is out of date by about two months, so maybe it's down to that? It still smells fresh though & in the store they told me generally as long as things still smell ok - they usually are. I chucked it out anyway though.

    Can you reccomend me anything to use to get rid of these spots? I'm basically clueless about skin care! The only things I use on my skin is the Lush face mask once a week & Dior HydraAction moisturiser. I know I should probably use other stuff too, but I don't even no where to begin. Feel free to point me in the right direction! :p

    Now on to foundation, I use Estee Lauder - Double Wear & lately it's started to look REALLY cakey on my skin & just feels too heavy. What foundations would you reccomend for dry skin?

    I don't really need much coverage (well, now I do because of the spots, but usually my skin is quite clear!), the only thing is my skin is quite red so I need something that really evens out the skin colour!

    I'm open to any brand or price range, I just want to feel like I have nice skin again! :sad:

  2. I use comsmedicine honest face - it is moisturizing - it's actually a tinted moisturizer. I don't need heavy coverage, my skin is usually clear too, just dry & a tad uneven. This makes my skin feel great, gets rid of dryness, and evens out tone for me - but looks natural.
  3. try using concealer on the spots and under your eyes alone. you don't really need to cake foundation on your entire face if your skin is good. use loose powder on your forehead and nose to keep the shine away.

    you should probably invest in a really good hydrating mask like the 10 minute one from Origins. After exfoliating, take a big glob of it and smooth it over your face for 10 minutes. don't use hot water to wash your face...stick with lukewarm. you might also want to buy some eye cream and a good night cream. Stuff from Lancome is good (the hydrating line) and it's light enough so that it won't clog your pores. perhaps the ladies out there have better recommendations for products??

    also, depending on your age you might want to get a serum. I just saw that you're in the UK and I LOVE the Boots NO.7 stuff. They have wonderful moisturizers, serums and toners. I stock up on that whenever I see it :smile:
  4. It sounds like you might have eczema-- you should see a Dr to ask them about it. I have to use really gentle hydrating products. I use Eucerin Original Cream on my dry spots. It's so thick that it's hard to get it out of the tube, but it REALLY works. For the rest of my face I use Cetaphil cream. For foundation, I look for ones that contain oil and very few other ingredients. The problem I've had with a lot of pricey mosturizers and foundations is that they're oil-free and have a high water content. That's great for normal skin, but when you have super dry skin it can make it chapped and irritated :tdown:
  5. i find that when my skin is dry in the winter, using kate somerville's quench feels helps my skin to retain some moisture. it feels almost like a greasy film going on, but disappears within seconds and is really great.


    creme de la mer is also great for moisturizing any dry patches you might have, although i'd advise against using it right now as it may aggravate the flare ups you already have. i'd recommend seeing a dermatologist if your skin is to the point where you feel you can't really manage it on your own.

    as for foundations, when i need redness coverage and something that's soothing and moisturizing, i usually dip into my mother's stash of la mer treatment foundation. the coverage is great and it looks amazing on.
  6. La Mer is the BEST moisturizer. I love it..sometimes my cheeks tend to get very dry and if I'm flaky around the nose or something La Mer definitely comes to the rescue for me. Foundation..Chanel Teint Innocence is a really good foundation. Very good coverage. You can try the cream compact or liquid for lighter coverage.
  7. Thank you for all your help girls! I haven't heard of some of these brands before, I'll have to have a look around to see if they are sold in the UK! I'll def give some of them a try.

    I've seen Chanel Teint Innocence reccomended in here time & time again, I think I'll definitley have to check it out, it sounds really good.
  8. You should also make sure to exfoliate regularly, I notice a big difference in my dry/combination skin if I go too long without doing so. I use Cosmedicine Medimorphosis which is really good (the granules are really fine so it's gentle and you don't need a lot of it). It's not cheap at $40 a tube but mine lasted about a year and a half, which is pretty darn good.
  9. yes exfoliation is key to having glowing skin :yes:. i use kate somerville's exfolikate once a week for this. every once in awhile i'll wake up forgetting i've used this the night before and wonder why my face looks so good that day. it's a little pricey at $85 but there are many comparably good products for much less.

  10. Hope in a jar works great! I have dry skin that feels like it going to split if I don't lotion right away. Have also used chanel lotions and those are great too. I use chanel double perfection powder. Did find when i used their liquid foundation, my pores got larger so I stopped and went back to using the powder and they shrank back to normal.
  11. My skin is very dry skin especially in winter.
    what I have used for smooth looking skin are clinique moisturize, along with laura mercier hydra primer and its powder foundation together with estee lauder liquid foundation.

    1. $25
    2. $32
    3. $40
    4. $35
  12. if your skin is as dry as it sounds, the Dior HydrAction is probably not moisturizing enough for you. I used to use it, and my skin is quite dry, too. Try the Dior Capture Totale moisturizer instead. If I use it every day, it solves my problems :smile:
  13. i'm pretty dry too

    1) switch your cleanser to CREAM CLEANSER. this helps a lot. gel cleansers are for deep cleaning and don't really lock in moisture, same with foam. in my opinion, foam cleansers are useless anyway and don't do a good job with cleansing or locking in moisture.

    2) if you're using moisturizing lotion, switch to a moisturizing cream. also, you can use massage cream at night.

    3) use a moisture mask (hydration mask) twice a week. i use biotherm aquasource 24-hr emergency mask. it's great!

    4) try not to exfoliate too much. it will irritate your skin and your skin may become sensitive. i only exfoliate if i notice that my skin is flaking but it only happens maybe once every 2 weeks.

    5) use mineral powder foundation. coverage is great and it doesn't make your skin look flaky or cakey.

    avoid products with glycolic acid. it's not good for dry skin 'cause it will cause flakiness. it helps get rid of dead skin but it irritates dry skin. it is hard to find 'cause a lot of exfoliators and cleansers have glycolic acid but i know there are some out there that don't.