Dry Rotting

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  1. Forgive me if this topic has been brought up b4. How many of you have had purses that dry rotted? My mother had a Gucci from the late 80s, maybe early 90s. She wore it few a couple years then stored it away in her closet with the tissue paper stuff and the dust cover. I took the purse out and carried it back in 2001. I wore it for a night out and put it back. The next day she was yelling at me asking what did I do to her purse. :huh: Turned out the top layer just peeled off like dry skin. The back side that rubbed against my pants was the most damaged. She gave the purse to Goodwill.

    In the couple days :love: I have been on this forum I have grown fond of LVs. How does that monogram canvas hold up? What can be done to prevent dry rotting. Do purses need to be kept in cold storage like fur coats?
  2. i have- but usually vintage purses. not name brand purses... thank god! thats crazy that it happened like that.

    i think the amount of protection for each purses depends on the humidity in the air, temperature, light... so many variables.

    i dont know how LV holds up- sorry
  3. This was a common problem in Guccis and LV's of that era. The lining would dry rot when not properly stored. There is a past thread about this and I posted a big article about it. I will try and find it later or you can try and do a search.

  4. The same thing happened to my vintage Gucci wallet. I used it for years and it was fine. I took it out recently after about 10 years of non-use, and there are some spots on the surface that peels off like paper! :sad2: Unbelievable...
  5. I know there was rotting literally in LV bags in the past but I think the lining has been changed since then. That's terrible though, I would probably have a breakdown if I found something like that happening in any of my bags !
  6. That sucks! I saw it happen to some of my mother's old Gucci bags, but luckily haven't seen it on any others :biggrin:
  7. I haven't even heard of that happening. Thanks for the info ladies.
  8. Wow, how terrible. Maybe those who have experienced this (if you still have the purse) can complain to Gucci. Maybe they can compensate you. At least this would make them aware of the problem, or maybe they would avoid using those materials in the future...
  9. Ewwww, peeling and flaking bags?!? What a nightmare! Thanks for sharing that info, it's good to know if looking for vintage bags.
  10. I'm worries about the bags I have purchased but have not used/ I just stored them away in their dustbag and sometimes in ziplocks. Most of them are satin/silk/nylon though so I shouldn't worry too much right? I'm using all my leather ones.....
  11. I don't think I'd store anything in ziplock, just because it isn't breathable.. well, I guess it is if you don't zip the lock, but I wouldn't want my bags to be aphixiated either !!

  12. I wouldn't recommend storing bags in ziplock - there's no air that can get through. I know for a fact that leather/vachetta needs to breathe, otherwise it will crack. I don't know how satin, silk, and nylon react, but to be on the safe side, I would highly recommend not storing them in any airtight containers. How about storing them in cotton bags or storage boxes made of cardboard?
  13. That's a great idea. I stored one bag in the zip lock plastic bag that it came in. The rest are just stored in their dustbags and in the pastic bag they came in, just folded over. None of them are leather though....wait, some of the straps are. Another project for me to do really soon. :idea: Thanks for the advice ladies! I just started my collection the end of last year so they all should be fine still.
  14. Yes its good to know b/c I fell victim to a vintage Gucci evening bag that I bought of Ebay with some major dry rotting. The seller claimed the bag was in good condition. I won the bid for $20-25 and I open the package to see the whole purse was flaky. I didn't really complain or give negative feedback b/c it was only $20 and I took it as my mistake for not asking the seller questions or to see more pictures. Since then, I passed it on to my niece and its probably in the back of her closet somewhere.

    Here's the bag. I happened to still have the pic in my photobucket. If you look real close you can see the cream looking color under the beige. Thats the dry rot. The back side was even worse.