Dry patches on my cheek - any solutions?

  1. I have these two dry patches on either side of my cheeks (kind of like red cheeks on cartoon characters :sweatdrop:) for at least a year now. It's tight (poreless, but not in a good way), often flakey, and the skin is a little bit dark due to, dunno, dead skin cells? Anyway, it's Very noticeable without makeup. :sad:

    In the past little bits of La Mer have helped (but never completely clear up), but I can't afford to keep up that habit now! Any other solutions? Could I use vaseline or something? I break out fairly easily, which is why I haven't tried heavier creams. Or do you think this could be a skin condition I should see a dermatologist about? I haven't because it has never gotten worse or anything.

    Thank you for your advice!
  2. ^ Vaseline (petroleum) as well as mineral oil are VERY controversial ingredients. Many people believe that they clog pores and shouldn't ever be used on the face, but then there's trusted skin experts who will tell you that they're safe. So you kind of have to try it for yourself and decide if it's okay... I have very sensitive skin that breaks out easily, and I also have mild eczema, but I can use Vaseline or mineral oil without a problem.

    I use Cetaphil cream as my everyday moisturizer, but on the dry patches I use Original Eucerin. It's a suuuuuuper thick cream with only a few ingredients (nothing harsh), so it doesn't irritate my skin. It works REALLY well for me, but just to warn you-- it does contain petroleum and mineral oil. I just keep it off of my t-zone and it's fine...