dry patches of skin, wtf?

  1. i generally moisturize daily, and i've always loved my skin, but recently i've been getting these tiny fingertip-sized dry patches of skin around my arms and shoulder areas. i have no idea what they are. anybody have experience with this...? what can i do! :wtf:
  2. could be excema.
  3. I have eczema. It is a booty state of being because it's chronic. I just got it about 2 years ago. Mine comes in the form of itchy small blisters which worsen with alcohol or seafood. Other people have perpetually dry patches of skin.
    Steroid cream is the best and strongest defense...but you're out of luck if that doesn't work. There are all these other alternate creams that look good but I haven't tried. Otherwise, my friend has the perpetually dry form of eczema and l'occitane cocoa butter is good for her.
  4. mine isn't itchy or anything, and the patches are really small. i looked up eczema, and it doesn't seem to match what i have. could it be from over-exfoliating? or ineffectiveness of my current moisturizer? or maybe my soap sucks??
  5. Well I had this random fungus one time. It left small patches of dry skin all over my body then one day the patches were a little red then some days it went back to being dry. See a dermatologist. Maybe there is something in the clothing or detergent or soap you are using that is causing the patches.
  6. I noticed dry patches on my hands a couple of days ago. I started using a different dish soap and I think that has something to do with the backs of my hands being so rough and dry. I have and appt to see my doctor in couple of days.
  7. I had something very similar to that about two years ago. They were round in shape and small. I switched my moisturizer to a different brand, Aveeno and it completely cleared up in a few days.
  8. If you want to try an over-the-counter med. just to hold off until you see a dermatologist, get a hydrocortisone 1% cream, it works well with eczema and minor skin irriations.