dry or wet exfoliation??

  1. Which is better?? I'm used to using either a loofah or scrubs to exfoliate, and those obviously have to be used with water. I bought a pair of exfoliating gloves from TBS, but I'm not sure if they should be used wet or dry.
  2. I use them in the shower.
  3. Almost all body exfoliation done to smooth the skin is done wet, whether that is done with gloves, loofah or brushes. Generally, dry brushing is done for detox, improved circulation and lymph cleansing. It is done with a natural bristle brush (synthetic materials can scratch the skin when used dry) with strokes always towards the heart and counter-clockwise circles on the abdomen. Of course it also exfoliates well, but dry brushing isn't usually used for that purpose alone.
  4. ^^^ wow that's interesting. I guess that explains why a lot of spas do dry brushing. I thought it was because it was better than wet exfoliating.