Dry leather on Mandarin GSH Money- what to do??

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  1. Hey ladies,

    My much anticipated Mandarin GSH Money wallet arrived yesterday. I LOVE the layout and the color does seem saturated, but the leather feels a bit dry. And it does look a tinge more yellow than some of the Mandarin pieces I've seen.

    Is this something that can be rectified by a good rubdown with Applegaurd or LMB Shine Restore? I have both these products, so that's why I ask about these specific ones. :smile:

    Should I just return it and try another color? I kinda don't want to do that b/c I bought it from Nordies w/" Nordstrom Notes" and this was the only color they had.

    I beg the mods not to close this and send me the "care thread"!! That thread is incomprehensible and from my repeated searching does not address the issue I'm asking about.
  2. I didn't like mandarin. Mine felt wierd too so I sent it back. I liked the color but the leather was stiff and felt different than any other Bal leather I have had. Maybe this new Tomate color that is coming out will be more like the leather we love, soft and smooshy.
  3. I have a mandarin city and it is definitly a different type of leather than my other bals (plomb, emerald, cognac,violet) it does feel more dry so I have been rubbing in LMB moisturiser (not shine restore though) and it has made some difference but I get the feeling it will never be as soft and smooshy as other colours.

    I love the colour so decided to keep her, and I like that all the different colours have different personalities but if you really want soft chewy leather then maybe mandarin is not for you....I'd be interested to know though if any one has achieved this with mandarin :smile:
  4. hmmm...this is encouraging. I would definitely return if this was a bag, but as a wallet, I don't need leather to "smoosh" so I thought I'd be OK with Mandarin. It is such a pretty color.

    *sigh* I'm so torn.
  5. some folks have had luck with lubriderm lotion on leather they didn't like so much. Erica at HG bags told me to try this on one of my bags that seemed stiff.
  6. I have a Mandarin Twiggy, and the leather does seem a bit different, dry. I will try Apple conditioner tomorrow I think I will have time. But I love the color, it is so saturated, maybe the most of any of my bags - there is something different about the saturation, too, & a I love the color, so I really love her. :smile:
  7. I wouldn't try lubriderm on any leather, it's not made for Leather, it will rot the leather. I got a work that had been treated with lubriderm and it was horrible, it had started to rot the handles, please don't do that, only use a leather product!!!!!!
  8. What leathr product would you suggest. I have a dry magenta 2008?!

  9. Really? The SA at Bal Las Vegas recommended this to me! He even rubbed some of the lotion on one of the bags (for sale) to show me how to apply it.He said this is what he uses to keep the leather moisturized. Although I did buy a bottle of Lubriderm, I have not used it on any of my bags (Thank God!) and instead have been using Apple conditioner.
  10. I used the Apple conditioner for my mandarin PT (from this thread I guess it's not just my bag that has dry leather. Too bad, i really love the color. It's still my fave color of all time) Anyway, Apple did the leather softer and smoother and less dry. However, I noticed that it made my bag shiny. When I took pictures of it, my bag kinda looked like it was made from patent leather or plastic.