Dry hands

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  1. My hands are so dry SO SO dry think I tried every hand cream going........But there must be something left that I have not tried yet, I like rings and watches but they do not look great on these hands of mine. What do you use that works? Please share with me. x
  2. Omg, I this post was made for me. My hands especially around the nails are so dry it hurts. I've tired bath body shop lotions, Vaseline intensive care, oily of okay, ponds, etc. And nada.

    Anyone else have a recommendation?
  3. add me to the list of desperate people. i actually get excema during the winter but since im pregnant, i cant use the steroid creams i would usually use. currently ive tried:
    jergens hydrate
    vaseline intensive care
    lubriderm for dry skin
    aveeno dry skin
    eucerin ointment
    straight up vaseline
    a cocoa butter/lanolin combo that i found at a drugstore...
    and ive tried all of these with gloves on as well. i dont care if its expensive, i just need these patches to heal! HELPP.
  4. I really like Hand Food by Soap & Glory, it's really moisturising but not at all greasy. It's really cheap too!

    I don't really suffer from dry hands though, so I can't comment on that, but my dad does and he likes to use it too.
  5. Cheaper: Glysomed
    Mid-range: LUSH Lemony Flutter
    Pricier: PTR

    SpaRitual's Vegan Hand & Foot cream is really effective, but it smells pretty putrid, rank, awful. I read a review on yelp about a chain here that sells SpaRitual products, and when they complained about an (unnamed, sampled) hand cream 'that smelled like [urine]' I knew exactly which one they were talking about. I don't think it's that bad, probably on the level of any of the CHI products, but it's certainly a little strong.
  6. The original Neutrogena http://www.neutrogena.com/product/hand+cream.do for immediate relief.

    Original Nivea cold cream (in the tin) on a regular basis with gloves.

    And if you are in germany or visiting soon try this http://www.douglas.de/douglas/Pflege-Hand-Fu%25C3%259F-Handpflege-Douglas-nails-hands-feet-hand-basics-spotless-happy-whitening-hand-balm_productbrand_3000002602.html

    the best I ever tried.

    L'Occitane is ok but needs to be applied all the time.

    I keep hand creams everywhere, in my bags, the bathroom, next to my bed, in the kitchen, the living room etc so I never forget to apply.
  7. I use sugar scrubs once a week - it removes the dry skin on the surface so my hand can absorb a cream - I actually use inexpensive face creams for hand cream and the results are great.
  8. also exfoliate my hands fairly regularly &use olive oil which works
    and also kanebo hand cream....
  9. There is a little trick my mom taught me, I do it often cuz I have dry hands aswell, before going to bed put tons of Vaseline on your hands and wear plastic gloves, makes sure there's tons of Vaseline! Go to bed and wake up in the morning and wash! It works like a miracle for me each time! Try it and let me know ladies! Good luck!
  10. Kiehl's hand salve. I forget the exact name but it comes in a tube. I put it on in the middle of the night when I get up to go to the bathroom. That way it gets some time to be on my hands before I wash them again. If I used it daily, I am pretty good.
  11. I use Jack Black Industrial Hand Healer and then I layer Gloves in a Bottle over it once it's soaked in.

    The Jack Black heals while the Gloves in a Bottle creates a protective barrier that remains in tact even after washing your hands throughout the day.
  12. +1 to the Neutrogena! I have the fragrance free version. My hands have been dry and my cuticles have been nasty so I picked up a tube and use it before I go to bed every night. Hands looks much better! I probably wash my hands 15-20x/day because I work with kids that need help with toileting/diapers so my hands are in a perpetual state of dry!
  13. eucerin
  14. Try clarins hand and nail lotion, it's the best.....it even keeps your hands moist after you wash them!