Dry hair SOS


Sep 10, 2006
In the south
Pure coconut oil. Just place some in your hands and rub together (pure coconut oil is solid so the heat from your hand turns it into an oil) and apply to hair, concentrating on your ends.

I would also switch to shampoo/conditioners that are sulfate free. You will notice a HUGE difference immediately.


Sep 12, 2011
Brussels, Belgium
Argan oil, seriously the HG for dry hair. I have long dark hair which is prone to breaking and I smooth on a few drops of this stuff after styling and it works like a miracle.

You have to make sure it's 100%argan oil though, you can find some on amazon, pm me if you want a recommendation.
I second that. Argan oil has been great for my super dry hair.
Quality of the oil is very important indeed.


Literally amazing!
May 8, 2010
Kerastase masks are my saving grace :smile: I use the one in the white pot and orange lid... Ugh, I forgot it's name... But it's SO moisturizing, there is nothing like it. Prevents breakage on me.


Jan 27, 2014
okay i just found a few products that literally transformed my hair in once use. i went a little crazy at sephora with the 15% discount. i used Wen in Fig as my shampoo, Ouidad 12 minute deep reconstructor protein treatment, then a regular conditioner, followed by kerastase elixir. my hair feels SO much better. since i tried a few of the products for the first time tonight, i'm not sure which did it, or if it was using all 3 together that did it. oops.


Nov 9, 2009
Ok, I am the opposite of your hair twin. I have short thin fine color treated hair. But I find daily washing, for volume, and products with alcohol in them, again for volume, make me have the opposite problem of every other greasy lanky fine hair girl, dry hair! I also have found conditioner, cleanse, but then detangler works for me. So any fine hair girls out there who have this problem don't be afraid of using a heavy conditioner just make a lite detangler your last step.


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May 10, 2014
Hi, I would recommend Pureology Strenght Cure. This prouct is amazing, it has the Asta Repair ( Astaxanthin) that is a powerful antioxidants which repairs the hair. You will notice shine, softness in one use. I would incorporate shampoo , conditioner and fabulous lengths. Hope this helps, btw I'm am licensed cosmetologist.
Feb 10, 2014
I have very long, thick, course, wavy hair. I have loose curls when it's mid-neck length or shorter, but as it gets longer it gets heavy and starts to be wavy instead.
You might find this seriously disgusting, but I don't wash my hair very often. To be honest, I generally go 2 weeks without washing it. This might be too long for some people, but my scalp is extremely dry, my hair doesn't even start to look oily until the 10 day mark. You don't necessarily need to go this long without washing, but skipping a few days has been seriously beneficial to me.
When I do wash my hair, I use organic tea tree oil shampoo [mine is by Giovanni]. Then I use Biosilk silk therapy conditioner, leaving it in for a few minutes before washing it out. Then I use a tiny dab of Biosilk silk drops, and brush my hair before getting out of the shower.
The silk drops have been my savior. They have made my hair shiny and easy to brush. They can be pricey but I highly recommend them.