Dry hair SOS

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  1. I am searching for a hair twin (or several) who can pass on some wisdom on how to deal with my dry and lacklustre hair. Hopefully someone out there on TPF can help me!

    My hair is waist-length, thick, un-coloured, dry and prone to breakage...

    I try for the most part to avoid heavily chemical products as I don't want to damage my fragile hair and I try to limit the amount of heat styling I expose it to - but this is difficult when it looks so average and dull when it's un-styled.

    Any tips??? :help:
  2. I have thick wavy/curly hair that tends to be dry. I use various moisturizing conditioners and I find doing treatement with heat - currently I use Shea Moisture deep treatment - helps.
  3. hello. i use several products from phyto. i have dry hair also, they leave my hair super soft and i love it. phyto 7 day cream is my favorite. after i shower i put a litle bit in my hair and let it air dry. :biggrin:
  4. Phyto, Leonor Greyl,Philip B , Moroccan have products specifically geared for your type of

    I suppose it is all trial & error... I have used Leonor Greyl & Philip B for several years
    & have seen good results..
  5. I don't know if this will help, but I've been using bain de terre recovery complex anti frizz silky shine serum for years. I put it on damp or towel-dried hair (now I am using the turbie twists instead of roughly towel-drying my hair). You can put it on dry hair too.

    I would think frequent trims would help too.
  6. Fellow long hair here! :ghi5:
    My secret is probably not so secret, maybe lots of people do it. . . i condition-shampoo-condition.

    I get my hair barely wet then I use a heaping handful of conditioner from the ponytail down and right around my hairline where I've been seeing some breakage. Since this is getting washed out, I use any conditioner - Pantene, etc. . .
    Then I get my scalp wet, shampoo well, rinse completely then condition again from ponytail down leaving this in while I bathe/shave then rinse w/ warm-cool water.
    I only use high quality products {Kerastase is my fave, also like Phyto} and I ALWAYS use a leave-in conditioner and finish w/ Elixir Ultime by Kerastase. When I have free time I will use coconut oil from ponytail down as a pre-wash treatment for an hour before showering.

    Moroccan products break my hair, they build up terribly IMO.
  7. Argan oil, seriously the HG for dry hair. I have long dark hair which is prone to breaking and I smooth on a few drops of this stuff after styling and it works like a miracle.

    You have to make sure it's 100%argan oil though, you can find some on amazon, pm me if you want a recommendation.
  8. Thanks ladies! Have been trial-and-error searching for a long time and it is nice to have some new recommendations!
  9. I have never been told to condition-shampoo-condition, intriguing! I am definitely trying this next wash. I use coconut oil too pre-wash when I have time but sometimes find it doesn't all wash out properly and I get left with oily ends...
    I agree with Moroccan products, they feel nice at first but then gradually torment my hair!
  10. Pureology Essential Repair in the green bottles really helped my hair in a week, amazing!
  11. I have long, thick curly hair. I use Colure shampoo and condition. The shampoo is sulfate free. I used the conditioner from just below the base of my head to the ends. Whatever remains on my hands I use on the base. I also use It's a 10 leave in conditioner.

    A friend of mine use WEN, but she had seriously broken hair. Also the product is very expensive.
  12. i'm actually searching for the same thing. i currently use alterna caviar products and i LOVE them, but i just went from legit almost black hair to bleach blonde. i'm loving it and never want to go back to brown, but my hair is already breaking like crazy and feels like straw. I bought kerastase for thick hair today and i'm going to try it- i've heard great things.

    I've also heard wen is great, but all of the posts re: hair falling out scares me too much.
  13. I have long thick wavy/curly hair and I'll give you my lowdown on my past experimentation these past few months in the hopes any of you want to try it.

    During one of the snow days, I was desperate enough to watch QVC for two hours. They had the Wen guy on and he demonstrated everything. Looked great but, crazy expensive. So I searched Amazon seeing if I could get something smaller or cheaper to try and I found Hair One.

    Hair One is basically same idea as Wen. They have a version for curly hair with Jojoba Oil and it was $10. I tried it and I have to say MAJOR difference with my hair which is always dry and frizzy even with the oils and creams I've tried to put on it after I shampoo. I purposely put no styling products whatsoever the first few times and let it dry as I normally do to see what the cleanser itself did. Much calmer head of hair.

    But, before you go there, I actually stumbled across Loreal EverCurl when I was going through coupons. They have a cleanser conditioner (same idea as Wen and Hair One) and their product is about $6, $5 if you find a coupon. Not as much product but it's over the counter and, also, great results. My hair was definitely shinier (biggest difference) and easier to work with just like with Hair One. I liked it as much and even better than the Hair One although I think using Hair One helped the experience since my hair was already liking this new stuff.

    Now, Wen guy comes back on QVC a few weeks ago and they have a great deal on his own stuff plus the newer better version of his cleanser conditioner and styling creme all in a kit for $50. Just got that and I followed a suggestion he made which was to leave the cleanser conditioner in all night to really hydrate your hair. Use a shower cap or towel while you sleep. That was a huge difference too in making my hair super soft and managable.

    I'm about 2 months into this new way to clean your hair and I have to say I'm loving it. I also purchased a Loreal EverCurl no alcohol mousse since I just have to have something to give my curls/waves some shape and that with the leave in conditioner (all of them will tell you to do a pump and run it through your hair as a leave in after you cleanse) has made my hair never look better.

    I still don't have the model hair but with the new mousse and switching to cleanser conditioner to wash I'm pretty darn close! I think at this point it's just my own styling skills holding me back. My advice: give Loreal a try since it's the cheapest and easiest to get and then cleanse and sleep in it overnight or just leave it on your head for as long as you can. I think you'll see a major difference in your hair's softness, shine, and ease of care.

    All of these products seem to be just conditioner loaded up with oils and no detergents or sulfates which according to Wen guy strip your hair. Oh and since some people mentioned hair breakage, Wen guy says stop doing heavy protein conditioners on your hair and only do his overnight treatment once a week at most since heavy conditioners done too often will break your hair. In other words, don't go nuts and cleanse your hair too much or leave too much on there. There can be too much of a good thing and your hair doesn't like it.

    I have to say he's kind of making me a believer in this never shampoo your hair again but you don't necessarily have to go high end with him. I bought his Fig version which is "most hydrating" but like I said Loreal and Hair One did just as well a job IMO and I have to say I think I like Loreal and their styling products best. Can't really tell the difference among all three other than scent so try one out and see what your hair likes. Good Luck!

  14. Swanky- what leave in condish do you use?
  15. I now have short hair, but when I had long hair I had a lot of the same problems. My hair was somewhat wavy, very thick and coarse and super frizzy. Some of the things that helped was that I started using the No Frizz shampoo and leave in conditioner from Living Proof. It smells great and cut way down on the frizz and left my hair feeling shiny and smooth. Recently I started having similar problems with my short hair and started using the Shea shampoo and conditioner from L'Occitaine which I love! After I have washed my hair I put a small amount of Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme in my hair and that also helps with frizz. I have noticed that my hair stays more on the calm side whenever I use some kind of creme in it, kinda helps to weight everything own.