Dry Eyes!..help!

  1. the area right, underneath my eye gets terribly dry..almost like allergies. they sometimes :cursing:crack and if i put regular facial lotion IT BURNS..and doesnt soothe at all!..anyone else have this problem...or have some good advice? maybe some eye repair cream? i dunno...BUT I NEED HELP!:yes: thanks in advance
  2. The area underneath your eye is the most sensitive part of your face so be careful with it! I don't know what could help but maybe some eye cream? Sorry i couldn't help!
  3. i had no idea it was the most sensitive..i def need something for the irritation though...i even tried sum sort vaseline looking substance that was given to my brother who burned his face...didnt help EITHER..THANKS THOUGH! INPUT well taken! :smile:
  4. vasoline is good. i use rose and co apothacary rose bud salve but im not sure if you can get that in the US.
    also i am a die hard elizabeth arden eight hour cream addict. you can use it on everything. its really sticky but you get used to it. i use it as a lip gloss and heavy duty moisturiser, its good for burns and blisters too.
    i have really bad excema and is never done me any harm
  5. I would recommend Vaseline too! Also, ask your doctor!
    It IS the MOST sensitive skin, be careful!

    You might have some type of rash or even a fungal infection. I would go to the doctors.
  6. My eyes had been very dry over the past few weeks. Nothing seemed to help, even allergy medicine. I went to my eye doctor and sure enough I had an infection. I am on antibiotic eye drops now for a week to clear it up. I'd suggest seeing the eye doctor.
  7. I would check it out with a dermatologist before putting anything else on it, just to be on the safe side.

    Even if s/he cannot tell you exactly what it is, which dermatologists frequently cannot do, they can almost always give you something that will make whatever it is go away, sometimes permanently.
  8. vaseline is great for this. I put vaseline under and around my eyes every night and it makes the skin so soft. I have very sensitive skin too and this doesn't cause any irritation. if that doesn't work, I would consult the doc, just to make sure

    Good luck! :yes:
  9. My sensitive skin has been extremely dry lately too. The area above and below my eyes were the way you described, I tried countless cremes and lotions and the best thing I have found is Sweet Alond Oil, found in natural health stores. I use about 4 drops all over my face and rub it in. This is a GREAT moisturiser that dosnt clog pores, and it makes even the most sensitive areas incredibly soft. I make sure to rub some on the skin around my eyes (carefully) and it has transformed the dry skin around them to nice soft healthy feeling skin!
  10. THANKS SOOOO MUCH FOR ALL OF UR INPUT...everything sounds great..ive actually had this problem for a couple of years now as it comes and goes...the MD claims its allergies...which i dont doubt...but the stuff they prescribe never works...hmm im definitely going to try the almond oil...i use vaseline to cool it at night...hmm any idea what type of health store i can buy the almond oil? THANKS EVERYONE!
  11. Try clinique all about eyes. It helps.
  12. I got it at a little no name natural food store in the town over. I asked the woman working there for 'sweet almond oil for the skin' she took me right to it :yes: