Dry Eyebrows???

  1. Anybody have dry eyebrows??? What's the best thing to treat dry skin in the eyebrow area?
  2. Strange as it is, I do! I always make sure to rub in moisturizer morning and night. Right now, I am loving Bliss "ounce of prevention" a.m. and p.m.:yes:
  3. Happened to me a few times, I just used a scrub in that area for a few days and put on face cream and it faded.
  4. YES!! And the dry skin tends to make the hairs more rough and stick out in weird directions. I definately have to moisturize the skin there with loads of cream every morning and night (vitamin E cream from the body shop has done wonders so far)
  5. Yes, I get dry flaky skin in my eyebrows, I hate that! Sounds silly but I have a tube of lip balm that I swipe over my eyebrows. Let it sit for a few minutes, then gently scrub off with a wet washcloth. All the dry skin comes right off. You could do this with vaseline on a Q-tip too but I'm lazy, LOL.
  6. As everyone has said here - moisurise and scrub with an exfoliator. I personally put vaseline on my eyebrows every night before I go to bed to keep them nice and soft.
  7. I agree with everyone else about exfoliating and moisturizing. If it's severe (dry flakey patches that don't respond to moisturizer) it could be stress. A couple of times I've had the severe flakey stuff and the way I rid it is using just a dab of cortisone cream to the flakey patches twice a day for about a week. I wouldn't suggest using cortisone (especially on your face) long term but it really works miracles for the severe flakies.
  8. yup it happen to me too.I use rosebud salve over my lids and eyebrow area when its drying
  9. i had that last summer - it was SEVERE and the skin was flaking off and wouldn't respond to moisturizer. turned out that area, for some reason, wasn't getting along with my cleanser, so i changed cleanser and it went away.