dry cleaning


kry5tal...get it?!:]
Jan 3, 2006
Do buy clothes that are "dry clean only"? My mom dreads buying dry clean only clothes and she'll only buy it if she loves it. I don't even look at the tag because if I want something, and have the money, I just buy it and worry later.

I figured I should start taking in my own dry cleaning today. I dropped it off a the cleaners by my house. 1 skirt, 1 top, 1 light weight jacket cost 30 dollars! Does that sounds right?! I could have sworn it's supposed to be way cheaper! Maybe it was just the place I went...
My bfs parents own a laundromat and drycleaners. Free for me,lol but when I don't have time to give itt o them and need something right away ooo its verry expensive.
$30 for a blouse, a skirt and a jacket is a bit expensive!

I do not discriminate re dry clean only vs. wash n wear. If I like it - it's bought. I try to offset my dry-cleaning fees by handwashing items that I can get away with.

Also, I use Dryel from time to time. It works pretty well.
I'm so bad, I send stuff that isn't even dry clean only to the dry cleaner. I find that certain things last longer and look better if they're dry cleaned.

I think $30 for those sounds a little high...Jackets are immediately more expensive, and sometimes it doesnt matter if it is a heavier jacket or not...it may just be a flat rate for all. And skirts are a few dollars...but the blouse shouldn't have been much. You can always ask them what things will cost ahead of time. You also don't want to go to the dirt cheap places.