Dry Cleaning nightmare!!

  1. Arrgh! I am soooo pee'd off right now!

    I know I've been saying for days that I'll start a thread with all my new purchases from my holiday but now you'll see why I've been far too busy to do it yet.

    I should first of all point out that I live in England so the chances of most of you using these cleaners is almost zero but frankly, you should all be careful & I'm mad & want to have a rant about this.

    ok, so in preperation for our holiday, I dropped my husbands YSL shirt inot a good dry cleaners near me. they gave me my ticket, no probs, I told them I needed it for the monday, as we flew on the tuesday, no problems there. So, I called in on hte Monday & collected it, drove straight home & started to finish the last of the packing. My husband took the shirt out of the packing & immediately shouted all sorts of expletives that I'm far to polite to repeat here :angel: . Looking at the shirt it was clear that it was ruined. They had clearly not dry cleaned it, but just shoved it in a hot wash & then ironed it!! the sheen had gone & worst of all, they had scalded the damn thing when they ironed it! it as all shiney & scuffed at the cuffs & collar, honest to god he had worn it just once before & now it looked ten years old. It was a mess & of course, hes freaking out cos he planned on taking it to NY with us & had packed his wardrobe accordingly, so then had to re-organise & pack it all (as he only has one chocolate brown shirt, this one.) The shirt was a mess & completely unwearable.

    We hopped straight in the car & back to the cleaners. politely but firmly, we showde them what the problem was & the woman totally agreed with us abotu the damage, but they all insisted that they had washed it in a machine 9not dry cleaned) as teh label didn't give any instructions about dry cleaning?? errr hello??? Is it just me or did I drop my shirt into a DRY CLEANERS??? & I did actually say as I handed it over, 'I'd like this to be dry cleaned please' Anyway, after a lot of to & fro-ing, they said they would send the shirt to their head office & they would analyse it & see if it was their or the manufacturers fault (oh yeah, cos YSL himself! stood with a friggin scalding iron held onto the collar til it was singed!). ok so not the end of the world but we clearly & politely, if firmly told them we expected a replacement or a refund or we would instruct our lawyer to start procedings as they had broken the contract (which was to have it dry cleaned, not washed.).

    So we left on holiday & had a fabulous time. when we got back, we hadn't heard anything from them so earlier this week, my husband called them & asked what was going on, they said it wasn't their fault, they had only followed instructions but as a gesture of good will, they had got a replacement shirt. Great! ok,! so I called in on Wednesday to collect the shirt, I was in a bit of a rush so I didn't give it a good look,just checked that it was an YSL brown shirt & brand new (it was still in a packed & was fine) then dashed home. At home I got the shirt out to show my husband & noticed a few things about it, mainly that it was FAKE!!!!!! Yup! they'd clearly gone on ebay or to some crappy market & bought a FAKE YSL shirt & tried to pass it off to us! Now, I don't know if they are just cretins & genuinely thought it was real, or if they are just trying to pull a fast one (which definitely makes them cretins). Yesterday I took the shirt back & with one of my husbands other YSL (REAL!!!) shirts & showed them the difference, they claimed ignorance & then actually insinuated that my shirt was fake!!!:cursing: .

    After all that I was more than a little bit annoyed so I slammed the shirt on the counter & told them my lawyer would be in contact later that day. after some more hassle & phone calls they have finally given us a refund of the shirt & the cleaning cost. So it all turned out 'ok' in the end, in as much as we got a refund but seriously? WTF???? who would try & replace a real shirt with a fake one?? thats some customer service huh???

    ok, rant over. As you can tell, it really annoyed me (you can probably see the steam coming from my ears) .

    We are off to Florida on Sunday for a week & I promise, when I get back fro mthere, I'll show off all my NY & Boston purchases plus hopefully my Florida ones:graucho:
  2. Oh my word, that is shocking saga indeed.
    My main base is London, who and where are these hideous people so I too can boycott them.
  3. I'm a Londoner too, who the hell are these idiots?!!

    oooh, I'd be annoyed, too!
  4. ugh.. i have to speak to the people at the dry cleaners like they're children just for my own sanity...

    I always goto ones that have an on-site dry cleaner. A lot of times, they dry clean clothes off site which is BAD.

    I'm glad you got your money back!
  5. Good for you for getting your money back. I had a dry cleaner ruin the vintage buttons on a coat once and didn't get anything for it. I should have fought more I suppose but I had no idea how much the replacement value would be. Of course I switched cleaners after that...
  6. Didn't want to start a new thread on dry cleaning nightmares so bumped this... My story is the dry cleansers lost 2 of my pants, One of them theory pants! Im ticked! Of course I can't find the receipts as they are both about 2 years old. As for the theory pants, I got them at NM clearance, probably paid about $35 - a steal! Still why couldn't it have been my cheap pants that were lost? Its been about 3 weeks we have been going back and forth with DC telling me they were given to another woman, the next wk she was on vacation, etc. Question is how much should I ask for? With no receipts, 2 yrs old Do you think $50 will work?
  7. Tell them to call Theory up themselves. The dry cleaners once ruined my graduation dress, which broke my heart, but after going through the same process as the OP (finding out whose fault it was) they called the company and got a replacement. If they won't do it then print out a picture of a similar pair of Theory pants with the price. Good luck!
  8. wow... I have never had problems like that before but I would be SO angry that they had put me through all that when al lthey had to do was simply issue a refund which you were OBVIOUSLY entitled to! Who the hell washes it when the instructions from teh OWNER of t he article of clothing said to dry clean.. even if the instructions ont he shirt itself says machine wash. RIDICULOUS! I am glad you stood your grounda nd got what you deserved. And they must have had some nerves to try to replace it with something fake. Ugh some people......
  9. Just as a matter of interest was this mainline Rive Gauche YSL or diffusion?
  10. That would so infuriate me! I'm sorry you had to go through that. To me, dry cleaning is a necessary evil - I say evil because at every cleaner I've tried, something always comes back worse than when it went in, whether it's shrinkage or random spots or worse, like this.
  11. So anyway my ? was is $50 a good price to ask for dry cleaners losing pants? Has anyone else ever got something lost at the dry cleaners? TIA
  12. Last fall a drycleaner washed a Juicy couture coat instead of dry cleaning it. All the zips broke along with the charms. The cleaners refused to acknowledge the neglegence so i took them to small claims and won. Mind you I had no reciept for the coat or the cleaning, but I googled the coat and brought in printouts of past Saks and current ebay prices. They admitted they didnt give cleaning reciepts and I won over the original selling price for its raised value plus court fees. Although im still trying to recover my $ a month after court.
  13. maybe you should start a new thread, because most people will only read the first post. As for your situation I don't know what I would do. I wouldn't feel right asking for retail and making so much of a profit off of them, but then again $50 is not going to get you a new pair of Theory pants. Then again if it was a present and you didn't pay for it you definitely would ask for retail back. I think I would ask for a little less than retail just to make myself feel better.
  14. I know,I noticed that, lol!
    Anyway, I stopped at the cleaners yest. and of course no pants so we just discussed nicely and he asked me if I wanted a credit which I declined. I said I would take $70 and right there he wrote me a check. The $70 is probably what I paid and also did wear one pair for about 2 years so I can't complain. I think he would of even paid more but I didin't get greedy. We chatted after and everything turned out fine. I was nice, not a *****, lol
  15. Sorry I should have made it clear before that the coat was almost new and I had to get the current value to buy it again not to be greedy. Well I hope I helped somebody :/)