Dry Cleaning Disaster: Are my Legacy Silk Scarves Ruined?!

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  1. I tried doing a search to see if this has been discussed before - if so, I apologize for posting a duplicate question, but I couldn't find anything related to this in my search... So, here goes:

    I sent my silk Coach scarves to the dry cleaner... This is my first time getting a few of them cleaned, including a couple of the 65th Anniversary Legacy scarves. Out of 11 total, 2 of them - one with the gold lozenge logo and one with the gold carriage logo - were ruined. :crybaby: It looks like the gold metallic 'whatever' that was used to create the logos flaked off and stained the rest of the scarf - there are these funny streaks all over the silk now, and the logos themselves are faded and dull - more tan than gold.

    (For the record, the dry cleaner said it's a "manufacturer defect," and not from her cleaning process - and that she'd write a letter for me if I wanted to try to exchange them at Coach (which is not possible since they're from 2007/2008 collections). But, she was up-front and seemed sincere, and I could tell she felt bad...)

    Soo, I'm wondering - Has anyone else with this style scarf seen/experienced this before? Or with any style scarf? Is there any way to get the stains out now? I'm so disappointed, but I'm kind of at the point where I'll try anything, just to see if it works, since the scarves are technically already ruined...

    Here's a before picture, so you can see the gold logos I'm referring to. It's the two scarves in the bottom row that are ruined - the carriage logo, and you can see the start of the "EST" on the striped one. Sorry I don't have better pics - this one was the quickest to link to... I'll try to post a pic of the "after" photos soon! TIA!!
  2. I have dry-cleaned silk coach scarves without any problems. What do the cloth tags say about care?
  3. They all say "Dry Clean Only"
  4. Then I don't think it is a manufacturing defect, I think that the cleaners screwed up and they owe you new scarves (and you need to find a new cleaner!)
  5. Thanks for your post, KateV... You make some great points, so it's a good idea to put in a phone call to the Dry Cleaner, and get a few more details out of her, rather than taking her word for it. I'm going to call Coach, as well... Obviously it has something to do with the Gold (whether the problem is on their end or if the d.c. used the wrong solution or something), so maybe they've had other customers call about it as well... Would be interesting to find out.

    Here are the "after" pictures, so you can see what I was referring to in my first post...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Le Sigh.
  6. It looks to me like the cleaners attempted to iron it, which is a no-no because it would melt the gold and smear it all over the place.
  7. Ding, ding, ding.

    So sorry this happened to your beautiful scarves. :tdown::sad:
  8. I agree.....looks ironed. so sorry.
  9. Thank you all, for your input. Good to know, that it looks ironed... I'm going to ask the D.C. if they attempted ironing them... they said it happened while they were soaking them, and that the color actually stained another client's items, but they were able the clean those stains out... but maybe they made that up to cover up their mistake and actually DID iron them...?

    I did just get off the phone w/Coach and they suggested I send them in for assessment, so I'm going to do that, and include a note with the D.C.'s information as well (including the steps she took to clean them, if possible). The CSR wasn't very familiar with this product line, but was sympathetic, and said she would do some checking to see if she could find any replacements for me. I won't get my hopes up that it'll actually happen, but it was nice of her to offer.

    Again, thank you all for your comments - much appreciated!
  10. I had bought a legacy scarf awhile back at the outlets. There was a some kind of stain on it so I got a great deal on it. I remember revealing it on here. Someone told me to wash it but make sure not to iron over the gold coach. It would smear from the heat. That looks like what happens to your scarf.
  11. The DC totally ironed your scarves. I believe they ruined them..
  12. I don't think chemicals would do that only extreme heat like an iron. I bet they pressed them to get wrinkles out and that's when the damage happened
  13. Was there any resolution on this?
  14. wow they really destroyed your beautiful scarves :sad: It seems the dry-cleaner is just saying whatever they can to avoid having to lose money on this, and not be held liable for their mistakes. Throwing in the story about how it ruined someone elses clothing is just their attempt to solidify their story to convince you.
  15. Thanks for asking, pdxmatts. So far, it has not been resolved... Long story short, I spoke with management, provided them with a statement from a different dry cleaner stating that the scarves show damage specifically from being pressed/ironed, actually showed them the iron creases and singed edges, and am now waiting to hear back from the owner, who had originally cleaned (ahem, ruined) the scarves - she said she's been out sick but would still get back to me sometime this week, so if I don't hear anything by tomorrow, I plan on going in to speak with with her in person on Friday... If it doesn't get resolved this week or by early next week, you can bet I'll move forward with the next step (which I imagine is to just have my attorney send them a letter...?). At any rate, if it has to go as far as small claims court, I *will* take it there. The damage was not appreciated, but lying about it is even worse. Unacceptable.

    AndagainSalvage -- I think you're right... their story about it getting on someone else's clothes didn't sit right with me either - definitely sounds like they're just trying to make it more believable...