Dry cleaning a plisse?

  1. I sent one of mine to the dry-cleaners here (the recommended one) - they did a great job - came back the same as it went in.
  2. :nuts:
    good to know, I have been afraid to buy a plisse for the above listed reasons.
  3. Oh K! That's great news! I did ask my SA if H had any recommended drycleaners for plisses here but he said no. Hmm.. yeah right! K, do you know of any recommended ones in my state?
  4. No - but if you want to send it here, it's called Blue & White Dry-cleaners in Neutral Bay...Greg recommended them to me.
  5. Thanks K!!! Lol @ the name..... Sure it's not Black & Gold?:roflmfao: Sounds like quality!:p
  6. He, he - I know!!

    Actually they have a website - they are considered the best in Sydney! They always do my beaded Collette dresses.....and they packed my wedding dress. They also leave the hems plump and rolled, and fold the scarf with the correct folds if you send in a normal silk-twill.

    Methinks the owner collects Hermes? LOl!
  7. Just "once-over" their website. Man, it's a huge operation! Driveway service?? Now we need this kinda thing here! I don't like getting out of my car, lol, how lazy am I? Good to know they treat H scarves so well. I know some drycleaners really don't pay attention to detail particularly when it comes to folding the H scarves the right way. Thanks again, K! Now I can relax while eating tomato-based pasta or drink Tom Yam soup while wearing my plisses, hehe.
  8. If you girls never want to clean a plisse, then just wear them around my DH. He is like dining with a policeman LOL! "Take off that scarf, tuck in that scarf Yada, yada yada...:lecture: You are going to get a $350 scarf dirty with a $5 tuna fish sandwich?" I think you get the picture:rolleyes: I just look at him and roll my eyeballs and remind him that I have yet to get one dirty in all these years of wearing them. Meanwhile, I am always cleaning his neckties. LOL!
  9. ^^^$5 sandwich, love it!
    :lol: :lol:
  10. ^^^^Mizzle, even if you send the plisse for cleaning at Tiecrafters, some of the pleating can come undone. I have been told eventually most plisses, if you have them long enough, will need repleating.